Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Left is Still In Denial Why They Lost Presidency As They Double Down on Rhetoric

The Democrats have lost about 1200 political positions across the country in the last 6 years, with Republicans running primarily on the repeal of ObamaCare. With it's one size fits all, high premiums and even higher out of pocket prepays (averaging $4,000 to $6000 a year), ObamaCare meant most Americans are being forced to buy healthcare that only kicks in after some catastrophic episode;  IOW no different than not having healthcare, but having to pay for it nonetheless.

The Democrats lost if for no other reason they have lost touch with working Americans as they they have ruled against the will of the people. The Democrats also continues to encourages the reactionary alt-left to shout down anyone that disagrees, which has devolved into a violent opposition to countries Democratic principles and a war on free speech.

The Democrats have pushed for open borders and are demonizing the arrest of criminal illegal aliens. They support Black Lives Matter (an openly racist and terrorist organization), who openly push violence against the police, while they defend captured vicious criminals if they are black. The left refuses to even speak the word(s) "Muslim terrorists"or "Radical Islam". When it comes to Islam they seem to have lost all sense of sanity. They are forever apologetic for Islam, who's laws subjugate women to the level of property and arrest women if they report they have been raped (rape is also dolled out as a punishment). They ignore religious freedoms, when they push homosexuality and abortion on Christianity and Islam. Obama turned his back on Israel (actually sending operatives to Israel to campaign against Netanyahu) while he has ignored the atrocities and buddied up with Muslim terrorists countries, including Hamas who has just announced a collaboration with ISIS. Then Obama tries to bully schools into letting boys use the girls bathroom. All this while they campaign against the American voter calling them Deplorables; and of course racists. The point being the Democrats lost because they have drifted so far from the main stream, while Trump won because he said this idiocy and given a chance, he will make America great again.

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