Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Fallacy of Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler

Anyone that uses Hitler and the NAZIs as an example of a partisan demonetization is beyond ignorant, and has obviously done no independent research (read a book!). One fact is the German people were unbelievably oppressed by the The Treaty of Versailles. The Germans also preferred a strong centralized government and viewed Democracy as weak form of government, preferring a reactionary government that can quickly respond to problems without the need for a consensuses. The US was founded on the US Constitution, which is the rule of law; the American people know no other, nor will they accept any other form of government. No one person, no matter how popular, can place themselves before the law, without eventual consequences and their ouster (the structure of the Constitution was specifically designed not to allow any absolute dictator, group of people, or king from taking over). The left is rioting and resulting in the destruction of property, injury and even deaths. Yet you are concerned about Trump? If one opens their eyes and see which party has been pushing the boundaries of more governmental control against the will of the people. WE have a President that touted pushing "collective solutions", which by definition rob the citizenry of indivual rights.

 One thing that has not considered or discussed is the US is a representative republic with numerous safeguards including the separation of powers, that guarantee no one branch, primarily the Executive branch can overstep their authority. Even Obama, who continually pushed past his authority as President was held back by the Judicial Branch. Many of the people that voted for Trump were outraged becasue the rule of law (the strongest pillar of our representative republic), was being subordinated by the Obama Administration and his DOJ. It should be interesting to note that Obama promised not to try and legislate via executive actions and then we went and used them liberally to bypass congress.

There is also the false belief that Democrats somehow are the savior of black America, when nothing could be further than the truth. Let's not forget that Southern Democrats, continued to resist seeing the freed slaves as equal human beings (something the Republicans championed long before the civil war), well into the 1960s, and then not until the Democrats abandoned the south, claiming a new found morality by championing the civil rights legislation they had blocked for decades. The end result is blacks are now trapped in government run plantations, run by Democrats. These Democrat segregated cities have high murder rates (if a black male between 15 and 35 dies, there is a 48% probability it was the result of being murdered, being the primary cause of death in this age group), low wages, high unemployment, high crime (which leads to higher incarceration of blacks), poor education; but the worst is almost total dependence on government handouts, which is the result of welfare system. This Democrat experiment in social engineering destroyed the black family structure as it paid more money to families  without  a father/husband living at home . The demands and cries for help, to be delivered from these hell holes fall on Democrats deaf ears, except when they need their voting block every two years.

Finally, any discussion of NAZI tatics would not be complete without the Brown Shirts (The Sturmabteilung or SA). Their purpose was to respond to neighborhoods and squash and rersistance to the NAZI movement, using violence and terror. If one looks at the US today, one sees, not the right, but the left is perpetrating violence and terror. There is video evidence that members of the Democrat party would pay homeless and/or mentally ill people to try and disrupt Trump rallies. Then you have convincing evidence that an admitted NAZI sympathizer, George Soros is paying bus loads of primarily black agitators to again disrupt Trump rallies. And since Trump won the election, Soros has continues to bus these agitators to various cities resulting in violent demonstrations that have resulted in injuries and deaths. Of course none of these agitators even remotely resemble the violence and inhumanity of the NAZI's, but much like the Communist Party of the 1950s, the Democrat party has now become an exclusive club that demands strict adherence to an agenda; an agenda that has the purpose of denigrating indivual rights with the promise of central control from an elite and forced equality, paid for by the working middle class, which, it turns out was the end game of ObamaCare.