Sunday, February 26, 2017

Comparing Deportations to the Holocaust

ICE rounds up illegal aliens and deports them, something done by every country in the world to protect their sovereignty, except many other countries imprison their illegal aliens. The N@zi's rounded up their own citizenry and annihilated them; it's the difference between the routine and the ungodly evil. It's sad that one would trivialize the unspeakable horror her family faced from the Holocaust simply because her political party lost an election and she disagrees with the rule of law being enforced. The end result of throwing up Hitlerian similarities of the opposing party, as the Democrats do on a constant basis, is based entirely on the trying to delegitimizing those they oppose by inferring that their opponents are horrible, mean, and totally uncaring, while they have a monopoly on caring and riotousness. The Democrat Party, rather than arguing their policies and worldview, demonize and try to delegitimize their opponents, in an effort to say, "Look at me, I'm a wonderful caring person and they are contemptible", as if attempting to pushing down their opponent raises them up. Well the people have wised up, and thrown them out of office, not only in Washington but across the country. The Democrats are responding by doubling down, now advocating violence against their opponents and randomly destroying property.

There was a time when no matter how much you disagreed with your opponent, the use of violence was mutually abhorred and demonized, but today it is being encouraged (or tacitly approved) as Democrats move to instill fear, disrupt and silence their opponents. It's just another example of how low the Democrats have fallen

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