Monday, February 13, 2017

Jeff Sessions Victory After Being Railroaded 30 Years Ago

The Coretta King letter read by Elisabeth Warren was just another delegitimizing attempt by the left, that has no basis whatsoever. For those that don't know, the incident that prompted the anti-(Jeff) Sessions, Coretta King letter centered around allegations of voter fraud in 1984 in Perry County, Alabama. "Perry County has long been plagued by accusations of voter fraud in local elections. As former Alabama Democratic congressman Artur Davis said, “The most aggressive contemporary voter suppression in the African American community” that he saw in Alabama was “the wholesale manufacture of ballots, at the polls and absentee, in parts of the Black Belt.” What the left fails to explain that both the suspects and victim's were black. Yes black candidates complained of voter irregularities having to do with absentee ballots that was being perpetrated by other black candidates. The Loretta King letter was anger against Sessions for doing any investigations on black politicians, as (she said) there are white politicians doing the same thing. Further this was by no means some crusade by Jeff Sessions,"Von Phillips, a black legal assistant in the Perry County district attorney’s office, later testified, his office received numerous complaints during the 1984 election cycle. Black voters and incumbent black officials reported that voters were receiving absentee ballots they had never requested." How black Democrats stole votes in Alabama ... and Jeff Sessions tried to stop it

A result of the investigation led to a County Grand Jury indictment, not filed by the Federal DOJ (Sessions), but the Perry County DA. "On April 20, 1983, a local county grand jury (with a majority of black members and a black foreperson) issued a report concerning problems in the balloting process that targeted the “aged, infirmed, or disabled.” The grand jury called for the “vigorous prosecution of all violations of the voting laws” and requested “the presence and assistance of an outside agency, preferably federal, to monitor our elections and to ensure fairness and impartiality for all."

In the resulting trail the black jury failed to convict (not unusual at the time),"this was a prosecution intended to preserve and protect the right to vote, something to which he dedicated his entire professional career. Anyone who claims this was a racist prosecution by Jeff Sessions is,a liar and a political opportunist of the worst kind".

"The bogus accusation (that Sessions is racists) would be laughable, were it not such a familiar tactic. But this is just another instance of so-called “progressives” going all out to protect their own — even when the victims are black voters."

What seems most likely, besides trying to delay confirming of all of Trumps cabinet positions, is that unlike Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, Sessions would apply the law equally, even if the law beaker is black; something the Obama DOJ refused to do.

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