Monday, February 20, 2017

Q&A the Lefts False Narrative about President Trump

The following are obvious responses to the lefts false narrative about President Trump

"You don't think Trump and his minions connections to Putin and Russia are troubling?"

After a through investigation, the FBI has said they found no collusion between Trump and/or his minions with any suspected crimes by Russia.

"Wow, I guess anything unethical, dishonest, or potentially illegal done by those you agree with is a manufactured crisis."

No, there is so far no evidence that Trump has done anything illegal, nor members of his Administration. In the Flynn case, the FBI has reported Flynn violated no crime, period. Again this is a manufactured crisis that will again go nowhere, BTW, if Russia is so much of an adversary, why did the President tell their ambassador that he will have more flexibility to work with Putin after his re-election or why would HRC sell them all those US uranium rights? It's all just more liberal BS..

"You don't think delegitimizing the press, intelligence agencies, judges, and other such arbiters of truth and Constitutional authority is troubling?"

No, these entities  have long sense abrogated their Constitutional roles and are now ultra partisan and tied to an anti Constitutional agenda. On what planet does the President have no freedom of speech against the press or Supreme court  A cursory look at history shows an ongoing battle between the Presidency and the press and supreme court. Further criticism of the Supreme Court such as the Southern Democrat majority Supreme Court,  Dred Scott decision (1857), collated the abolitionist movement leading to freeing the slaves. Further, the Democrat run media is no longer the harbinger of our Democracy having abused it's position as seen by our Founding Fathers, rather the press is simply the propaganda wing for the Democrat Party (ie The Department of Enlightenment and Propaganda).

What is really un-Ameican is pushing the belief that somehow criticizing the press or judge decisions is somehow un-Constitutional, undermining or stifling the freedom of the press. Perhaps you have an example of Trump censoring the press in any way, beyond simply saying if the press mis-reports something about him he is going to speak up about it; and if a particular member or organization of the press is continually falsely reporting the news, he may not call on them during a press conference, something Presidents have done for decades (remember the battle between Obama and Fox news?). Further, the only entity that can undermine the press, is the press itself. As an example, when the press is openly in favor of one political party over another and OOO in continually demonizing and  delegitimizing one party candidate over another, the press will have successfully undermined itself, by the act of self- censoring to conceal the abuses of one party over another; this is what happens in nondemocratic countries, except in America is is not being forced, but truly self initiated and delegitimizing itself to the American people. 

The President and the Supreme Court have always had a confrontational relationship, which is by designed when you have a separation of powers. A good example was FDR, who was in constant battle with the Supreme Court. After the Supreme Court shut down many of his programs, "He asked Congress to empower him to appoint an additional justice for any member of the court over age 70 who did not retire. He sought to name as many as six additional Supreme Court justices, as well as up to 44 judges to the lower federal courts" so he could pack the judicatory in his favor. There was also President Obama who took the opportunity during one of his State of the Union Addresses, to criticize the Supreme Court on their recent Citizens United decision; whether you agree with the decision or not, using his State of the Union Address with it's captive audiences including the Supreme Court seek directly in from the of the President, left no question as to his disdain for the ruling.

Every day Trump blames someone for his failures (media, judges, intelligence agencies, Democrats, foreigners, Muslims, Trump University lawsuit plaintiffs, women he's mistreated, workers he failed to pay"

In this list there is not one point where Trump is blaming anyone for a failure on his part at all; nothing. Most are simply cases of a civil nature and others are areas of contention that Trump is vocal about. Trump may blame some on the list for causing major problems in this country, and enough voters agreed with him make him President. While you may disagree with these contentions, Trump has not even been in office long enough for any of his policies to have failed, let alone any blame laying that might occur.

You have pretty much defined why Trump is President and why HRC is not. All the left does is try and drum up these manufactured crisis, and then regardless of the real story, they repeated the stories of suspected wrong doing and possible criminal activity, but never anything substantial that anything of note has actually occurred. It's all just BS and spin with nothing substantial. But hey, keep it up. The delegitimizing frenzy by the left on acts to confirm to those that voted for Trump (and some that did not) that they did the right thing and the left continues to have disdain for the working class Deplorables that simply don't know how to make an intelligent decision or even run their own lives, and forgotten that the US is all about self rule, not rule by the Democrat elite.

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