Sunday, November 3, 2013

How We got Here and How ObamaCare is a Microcosm of the Liberal Agenda

With the roll out of ObamaCare it's worth looking again at the Great Recession; where after 5 years the left is still blaming Bush. As a matter of fact the blaming of Bush is as close to having an economic policy as the Democrats have come up with. The recession is due to some $800 trillion in toxic derivatives that are still held by many banks and is slowing down bank to bank transfers (recently the Federal Reserve allowed BofA to move $75 trillion of these toxic derivatives to accounts that are covered by FDIC (which means us tax payers); it was illegal but the Fed can do whatever it wants despite the law. http://onespeedbikerpolitico.b.... The reason this hit the average citizen so hard is because these toxic assets were tied to mortgages, destroying 10 years of accumulated wealth of the middle class, most of which was home equity. And it was the Democrats that pushed the American Dream act via Franklin Rains and it was ram rodded through congress by Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd. There is certainly plenty of blame to go around, but as he have seen Blaming Bush is not a productive economic policy.

If there was any hope for an end to the recession, it was dashed by ObamaCare. If you have paid attention, Obama campaigned on raising taxes on the rich,  extended the Bush tax cuts for 5 years and agve workers a holiday on a percentage of their payroll taxes (which pay for workers Social Security). To his credit Obama did make the Bush tax cuts permanent for those with incomes over 400,000, he simultaneously ended his payroll tax holiday, so the end result was less in the average workers paycheck. But Obama also raised numerous taxes in 2010 and redistributed $500 billion from Medicare, both to fund ObamaCare, even though ObamaCare wouldn't be rolled out until 2013. And with that roll, it turns out healthcare plans can not be kept (after repeated promises by Obama) and most new replacement plans will double, especially if you are young (18-34)  as they are mandated to buy the same full boat health plan a 40-50 year old with a family would need. This is a redistribution of healthcare costs; from the late Generation Xers and the Millennial generation, to the Baby Boomers. ObamaCare is a microcosm of the liberal agenda; it's one size fits all; it was lied about from the very beginning; it offered more than it could ever deliver; when changes are made rule of law is replaced with the wants of political cronies; and it is all being paid for by someone else's money.

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