Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Continues to Court Relativism at Religious Education Congress

 Well the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress for 2014 will be at it's usual spot (The Anaheim Convention Center) March 14-16 . And for the first time in 5 years Jim Wallis (evangelical leader of the  Sojourners) has been asked to return as a speaker. Those not familiar with Jim Wallis he strongly believes that individual salvation is okay, but what Jesus taught was collective salvation that requires political solutions and the forced equality of a collective state.

Wallis' affinity for Marxism and socialism is evident in many things he himself has said. For example, in 2005 Wallis stated that private charity to help the poor was insufficient, and that true social justice could be achieved only by an omnipotent central government empowered to redistribute wealth: "We have to be very clear about this. Voluntary, faith-based initiatives with no resources, no resources to make any serious difference in poverty reduction, is not adequate. That's a charity that falls far short of Biblical justice."
Jim Wallis.

To no surprise Wallis has been a spiritual adviser to President Obama along with Jeremiah Wright; combine these two and one can see why our President has very skewed  belief in Christianity. Below is a link to rather lengthy study of Jim Wallis I wrote in 2009. When you are finished one has to ask if Catholics in the United States are really wanting to sell their soul to the Progressives and give up many of it's tenets such as pro-life, pro-family and the most basic tenet that Jesus came down to earth to forgive sins and re-establish a relationship with god; not to advocate for Communism.

Marxism for Christianity; Jim Wallis, Running With the Devil 

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