Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Rule of Law is a Tradition?

In a recent speech President Obama made the following statement regarding why he can't change immigration law without congress, "But we’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition." Obama To Heckler Calling For Him To Stop Deportations. But saying the rule of law is a tradition in the US, is akin to the President believing the separation of powers is a good idea when it works out for him. Yes, we  have traditions that are unique to America, like celebrating Thanksgiving and the Forth of July, but the rule of law defines our country; John Adams famous quote is," We are a nation of laws, not men". No, Mr President, the rule of law is not a tradition, it is the bedrock principle of our nation and central to ordered liberty; funny as a Constitutional scholar I would have thought President Obama would know that.

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