Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why Republicans Won't Acquiesce to Obama and More Lies Spoken by the Left

One of the most disingenuous arguments from the left is that because President Obama won the  election, conservatives should just shut up and let President Obama follow through with his agenda. Obviously this argument is not meant for Democrats when a Republican wins an election; lest not forget the shellacking the Democrats took during the mid-term elections after President Obama won the 2008 Presidential election; in one midterm election the Republicans took 60 seats from the Democrats. This would seem to have been a strong message for President Obama to slow down his fundamental change of America, but as is known he actually doubled down on his liberal policies. The you have the Bush presidency where as early as 2001 the new Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschel gleefully announced he planned to use the Democrat's new control of the senate and it's one seat majority,  to block Bush's future policies . Then in 2005 Harry Reid's admitted intention to "block Bush's major initiatives and thereby deny him the mandate he has claimed from his reelection victory." Democrats Are United in Plans To Block Top Bush Initiatives. And who can forget Reid's famous "This war is lost" speech and then he lied, trying to walk it back saying it was taken out of context, apparently oblivious to Youtube 

So no, there is and has never been a mandate for the losing side of the Presidential or Congressional elections to acquiesce and let the winner do it's will. But once again this is the nature of the liberals whom re-write history, always pushing their collectivist agenda, and in any liberal endeavor the first casualty has always been the truth.

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