Thursday, October 2, 2014

Enough with President Obama's Lies

The Presidents lying started with, "If you want your Doctor you can keep your doctor and if you like your plan you can keep your plan" (and it will save families $2400 @year but now costs an average of $2400@ year more); then it was 20 years in Jeremiah Wright's church and he never heard anything racial or anti-American. He was going to end partisan politics; he said the current gun laws are enough, but has since argued for more restrictive laws including reinstatement of the federal assault weapons ban that by his own words is only symbolic; do we really need an attack on the second amendment taken solely in the name of symbolism? Obama said he believed in the sanctity of a one woman one man marriage and now pushes for anything but. Obama pledged not to hire lobbyists and pledged to participate in the public financing system, then opted out and spent more money than has ever been spent on a single candidate. The President chastised prior Presidents for military action taken without the consent of Congress, yet has never asked Congress for consent in an ongoing series of military campaigns. There is also the fact that President Obama castigated Republicans, who he says have policies that enriches the top 1% - 10%, which causes wealth disparity (aka wealth inequality). Yet for 6 years he has done nothing to stop the Federal Reserve from loaning  money at 0%, which is they key reason the rich are pouring money into the stock market that continues it's upward spike causing greater wealth in equality , while the middle class is still dealing with the loss of 10 years of equity as a result of the 2008 sub prime bank melt down.

Obama and the White House swore to the American people that attack on Bengazi was because of a video and that we had al Qaeda on the run. The President has been heard to say Syria is a breading ground for al Qaeda, yet the Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime are mostly al Qaeda (claiming a connection between Syria and al Qaeda is exactly the same as the claiming a connection between al Qaeda and Iraq, both are a dishonest pretext for war). The US armed these Syrian rebels with arms captured in Libya. Al Qaeda has now regrouped under the name of ISIS/ISIL and with weapons and training given to them by the US and other NATO members, and now they have invaded Iraq. Now we hear Obama say his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper gave him bad intelligence on ISIS/ISIL (of course this is the same person that said the Muslim Brotherhood was non-secular and lied to congress about the NSA with the "least untruthful" lie he could think of), so like Jeremiah Wright, Clapper gets thrown under the bus (and there are so many more!).

Hopefully the American people will realize in the next election that all these lies and violations of the Constitution would not have been possible without a co-dependent Democratic Senate. This may be the case as Nancy Pelosi seems to only come out to declare the end of the Republican party, when she fears the Democrats may be routed..

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