Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Obama was Right to Vacillate on Syria

Leon Panetta, stumping his new book, has blamed Obama for not starting a bombing campaign against Syria after the use of chemical weapons (crossing a "red line"). What is interesting is Obama's actions in Syria may have been the one bright area in his disastrous Presidency. Staring with the assault on Libya, the US and Saudi Arabia armed al Qaeda soldiers that were the enemy of our enemy at the time. The army of terrorists moved to Syria to join Syrian rebels and received more training and guns, much of which were smuggled out of Benghazi through Turkey. It was at this point that Obama parted from the neo-cons, doubting that any further arms given to the Syrian Rebels could be kept from the al Qaeda forces. After the chemical weapons attack that was at once blamed on the Assad regime,  Obama held back on a US bombing campaign against Syria. This allowed a UN Commission investigation; the end result of which, showed it was highly likely the chemical attack was a provocateur attack by the anti-Assad al Qaeda/ ISIL terrorists. Of course with the pulling back from hostilities against Assad, the al Qaeda army reformed as ISIL and swarmed into Iraq.

The end result was allowing Russia to intervene and start the process of removing the stock piled chemical weapons from Syria without any further bloodshed. The true loser here is Saudi Arabia, who counted on the US to remove Assad from Syria. This also showed the absurdity of the propaganda that Syria was a breading ground for these Sunni Islamic terrorists, when in reality it has been Saudi Arabia from the beginning (as I said before there is no difference in the allegation that al Qaeda was in Iraq and that al Qaeda is in Syria; they are/were both a pretext to invade and overthrow sovereign countries for NATO's political purposes); it seems to have been completely forgotten that  Osama bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian as were 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9-11. There is also the fact that is was Leon Penetta as secretary of Defense whom informed Congress that his military takes it's orders from NATO, so the idea that our Commander in Chief might hold back his neo-con agenda must have been infuriating.

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