Friday, September 11, 2015

I'ts Time for Democrats to Come Clean on Their Racsim

Democrats want the country to forget is they are the cause of all the civil unrest in the country. The Blackman's psyche was all but destroyed during the more than 100 years of slavery by the Democrats, and the result of that damage continues through today. Under the Democrats Blacks were bought as slaves; oppressed, beaten, raped, work to death and even murdered with impunity, yet the Democrats want Blacks to forget all this.The usual Democrat response when confronted with this, is it's just history and has no bearing on today; really? Why don't you ask the Black-man if  being enslaved 150 years ago still matters.

After a bloody civil war the Northern armies, lead by the Republicans, finally defeated the Democrats, but the Democrats were not willing to end the oppression of the Black man. During times of reconstruction, the Democrats created new rules to oppress Black. Jim Crow laws (enforced by the KKK) were meant to put Blacks in their "place," resulting in voter suppression and discrimination in all areas of the society, yet the Democrats want Blacks to forget all this. The Democrats were also the craftsman of segregation, pushing oppression under the auspices separate but equal; and again yet the Democrats want Blacks to forget all this. This is the stain on the soul of the Democrats; and in some bizzaro world, Democrats seek to demonize conservatives. There is nothing that conservatives have ever done that even comes close to the inhumanity from the Democrats during the years of Slavery and Jim Crow and Segregation. And even now, Blacks have again been segregated in high crime cities run by Democrats.

After years and years the Democrats keep assuring they're the only ones that care about the Black-man, but their station in life continued to deteriorate. There was a hope that the first Black President would finally get them off the merry-go-round of poverty, broken families, high crime and unemployment, that Blacks have endured under the care of the Democrats. But no. Under Obama the Black-man's poverty rate increased along with unemployment; even as the economy started to recover and jobs vacancies started to open up, instead of foster employment for the Black community, Obama is bringing in 100,000s of immigrants, ignoring that these immigrants will take the very jobs that blacks need. Liberals may say subjectively that Republicans are racists because of their speeches and policies, but we know Democrats are racists because we have history and the consequences of their stewardship of the Black-man. And even if Democrats have turned over a new leaf, it does not alleviate them from the responsibility of what they have done; they can not transfer blame to the Republicans and/or try to re-write history to absolve themselves.

There is a fairy tale the Democrats like to tell. They say the southern Dixiecrats joined the Republican party, and that led to the Republicans becoming the racist party that they are. Really!  You have the Republicans with 100 year head start on civil rights, against the Democrats with a 100 year record of slavery and racism. Then in the 60's the Republicans after a 100 years of civil rights promotion, decided to become the most racist political party, in order to capture the southern racists vote. Simultaneously, the Democrats with their 100 year record of racism, decided to become the party of civil rights. What an incredible story! Unfortunately the timeline just doesn't add up. You see the Dixiecrats, ie the States' Rights Democratic Party opposed racial integration and wanted to retain Jim Crow laws and white supremacy in the face of possible federal intervention. They formed in 1948 to try and remove the Truman's name from the ballot in the south and replace it with their own. While this resulted in the Dixiecrats winning Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina, but to everyone's surprise Truman won regardless. The Dixicrats were dissolved and it's members filtered back into the still very still very racist Democrat party of the South. Now jump seven years, and the Democrats say that the Dixiecarts became the racist Republican party. The other issue, besides the Dixicrats having dissolved their party 7 years earlier, is that while the Southern states did begin to vote for Republican presidential candidates, it would be several decades before the Southern Democrat's hold on the state houses would be wrested away by the Republicans, and the South was finally free of Democrat racism.    

It's no wonder that Blacks are angry and lashing out at the representatives of the status quo; the police. But it is the Democrats that control the status quo in these cities, but instead of taking responsibility, they demonize the police who are only doing what they are ordered to do by the Democrats! The Democrats will never be able to undo the damage they have done to the Black-man; there is no "re-start"  with this. Today the Democrats keep ripping of the scab of racism and blaming it on the Republicans, who really have nothing to do with it. And the Black-man will never raise up out of their current station in life, until the Democrats start treating the Black-man as equals instead of a voting block.

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