Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is Pope Francis Moving the World Toward Fasicsm?

Pope Francis lived under  Perónism in Argentina during his early life and talk of Liberation Theology in his later life. Perónism was a fascists personality cult, which like most fascists states provided numerous benefits for those collectively defined as the "workers"; ie  100% employment, universal healthcare, good wages and vacations. Of course it is fascism, meaning an alliance where government and corporations tend to blur together, and the market is controlled and redistribution of wealth; with Perónism redistribution leaned heavily toward the workers, which he used as a voting block to keep himself in office.

"(Juan) Perón and his administration resorted to organized violence and dictatorial rule. Perón showed contempt for any opponents, and regularly characterized them as traitors and agents of foreign powers. Perón maintained the institutions of democratic rule, but subverted freedoms through such actions as nationalizing the broadcasting system, centralizing the unions under his control, and monopolizing the supply of newspaper print. At times, Perón also resorted to tactics such as illegally imprisoning opposition politicians and journalists.  Wikipedia-Peronism

Latin American Liberation Theology (LT) was a movement within the Catholic Church in Latin America in the 1950s and 1960s. Gustavo Gutiérrez is credited one of the principal founders of liberation theology in Latin America; "According to Gutiérrez true “liberation” has three main dimensions: First, it involves political and social liberation, the elimination of the immediate causes of poverty and injustice. Second, liberation involves the emancipation of the poor, the marginalised, the downtrodden and the oppressed from all “those things that limit their capacity to develop themselves freely and in dignity”. Third, liberation theology involves liberation from selfishness and sin, a re-establishment of a relationship with God and with other people. Gustavo Gutiérrez /

LT is supposed to be based on the original Christians that dedicated their lives to helping the sick and poor. The purpose of LT is to alleviate the poor of their suffering, primarily through activism, controlled economies and redistribution (aka social justice). LT is heavily influenced by Marxists doctrine and viewing the poor as a collective; LT is anti-capitalist, anti-bourgeois (middle class), anti-consumerist, advocating a single workers class (proletariat).  After the fall of the Soviet Union, evidence was turned over that showed LT was developed by the Soviet Union in order to align the Catholic Church with communism. principles. Former Soviet Spy We Created Liberation Theology 
Pope John Paul ll viewed LT, with it's collective salvation as too political and diverging to far from the individual relationship and salvation that is the core of Christianity; preferring orthopraxy (ethical and liturgical conduct), in the absence of faith or grace. Through Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, John Paul's explained that main enemy of the church was modern secularism and that liberation theology is part of this secularism. "All human activity", John Paul has said, "must have reference to the ultimate meaning of life, which is eternal salvation. While seeking to concentrate their efforts on life here and now, modern people have forgotten this essential truth." The Retreat Of Liberation 


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