Thursday, September 3, 2015

Beware the 'Gun-free Zone"

One of the most dangerous places, where your chance of getting murdered by a cowardly stranger is the highest, is a "gun free zone." The anti-gun zealots paradigm continues to be framed by false hysterics and not in reality. The facts are the FBI continues to tell us gun crimes are at a 50 year low (while gun ownership has increased 1/3) with one caveat; black on black crime in many urban areas has been on the rise over the last 4-5 years (During the time Obama has been President and paling around with Al Sharpton). There is a little hope however, while Chicago is rated dead last in allowing gun ownership and using federal laws and to arrest and imprison criminals that commit gun crimes, Detroit with it's new Republican mayor has instituted a plan that arms more citizens while working with the Federal DOJ in prosecuting and giving stiff sentences to gun toting criminals; the first year, car jackings were reduced by almost 32%. Detroit to Crackdown on Gun Crimes

This is the same tactic pioneered by the state of Virginia's Republican legislature; there over the last 7years, gun sales increased 100% while gun crimes dropped almost 30%. So the choice is elect leaders that institute symbolic feel good, "common-sense measures" that punish law abiding citizens or those that institute measures that punish criminals and decrease gun crimes. Virgina Gun Crime Drops Again as Firearm Sales Soar

We have the laws to arrest and prosecute criminal gun violations, we simply need to use them. Further it is not the the number of guns in law abiding citizens hands that is the problem as it has become well known that restricting gun ownership and high capacity magazines and/or registering gun owners have never led to a reduction in criminal activity. But the left refuses to admit this is the case, as usual they rely on their emotional attachment to their world view to dictate their reality; but the reality is states with the most restrictive gun laws have the most gun crimes..What is apparent is the anti-gun zealots have no real interest in public safety, they simply have an anti-gun agenda, and really don't care whether it has a positive affect on the citizenry safety or not.

Recently the Chief of Police of Washington DC blamed large capacity magazine for the high murder rate, however she had to facts to back that up because her police Department doesn't keep any records of such information, but did the media call her on it? No.

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