Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Seperated families and conflating with NAZIs

 In the debate over separating children from their families at the Southern Border, Democrats seem comfortable that while President Obama locked up hundred of thousands of unaccompanied minors in sordid conditions, he did not separate most them from their families. What the Democrats want you to ignore is the fact every unaccompanied minor is the result of separated family and the flood of unaccompanied minors that showed up on the Southern border was the result of President Obama policy of giving unaccompanied minors a pass into the country.  The Democrats also bemoan the  lasting affects of children being separated from their families; how is this different from what unaccompanied minors have been through, where they were no only separated from their families but had to travel unaccompanied an extremely dangerous trip of near 2000 miles, where many of the unaccompanied minors  had to endure attacks, robberies and the females rape. Certainly this will also have a lasting affect on their psyche

At least the media is covering what is going on and President Trump is trying to change a poorly thought out policy. Now the left is accusing President Trump of suspension of due process. The immigration policies have been broken for decades, and now the left expects President Trump to fix it with just a phone and a pin; something of course that is the suspension of due process.

"Donald Trump likes to divide families when they first cross the U.S.-Mexico border; Barack Obama preferred to let them get settled in the interior and then send ICE agents to arrest mommy or daddy at home or work, leaving the children behind...During the Obama years, more than 40,000 U.S.-born kids whose parents had been deported were dumped into foster care." https://www.oregonlive.com/... This compared to the 2000 family separations that occurred under President Trump at the border.
President Obama also caged over 90,000 unaccompanied minors in a tidal wave of foreign nation children that flocked to the border are President Obama said they would get a pass into the country. So the fact is President Obama forced the separation of families with his unaccompanied minors policy. This is much like the Democrats separating fathers from black families when they offered much more welfare money to single mothers, then families still living in poverty.  

The term fascists defines a type of totalitarian collective government that eliminates indivual rights in the name of security, often using reactive violence to quite dissent;  but to the left it means any action they don't like, even though the left is renown for using fascists tactics to crate fear from the puplic and forward their political worldview.  Here is a little education, fascism excludes any president that advocates indivual rights and liberty, as fascists rule is by governmental fiat through more and more suffocating regulations. President Obama increased the power of the government by implementing a slew of regulations all intent on controlling the means of production and trying to create a collective that would kowtow to world governance. President Obama also ignored court orders, while President Trump has adhered to all the court orders from activist judges that have interfered with President Trumps Constitution powers; he complained but he followed them and waited for a Supreme court ruling that have found on his side every time. A fascist regime is also against the will of the people because the powers that be know better. This is exemplified by the left making up allegations and forcing a fishing expedition without any predicate crime; which has never happened before in the history of the DOJ; all to overturn a legal election.

The left has also become a apologist for NAZI tactics, as they trivialize the horrors the victims when they conflate the detention of illegal foreign Nationals, to NAZI death camps and other atrocities. The end result is many are ignorant the level of debauchery by the NAZIs. Some of this ignorance comes from the fear of microaggressions (in the case of learning about NAZI atrocities there is nothing "micro") by snowflakes. There are many that would be so traumatized just by reading about the NAZI death camps, they would rather be ignorant of the horrid reality and assume it was no worse that ICE separating families that illegally crossed the border. There is simply nothing that the illegal foreign nationals have experienced that is in any way comparable to being marched into gas chambers. As someone said, the moment one mentions NAZI they have lost the argument.

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