Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Ambush of Trump by Rep(D) Frederica Wilson.

When Rep (D) Frederica Wilson (a rabid anti-Trump zealot) contacted news agencies saying the wife of Sgt. La David Johnson was angered by the President Trump, a simple look at the facts show  this was an ambush designed to use the death of a soldier purely for political purposes; violating what has been a sacred process. by the military. First one has to ask how Rep Wilson happen to be present when the call was made. One has to assume either Rep Wilson called the widow when she learned of Sgt. La David Johnson death, or the widow, Myeshia Johnson, or a close family member called  Rep Wilson; why would this have occurred? When the President wants to console the family of a fallen soldier, a  "pre-call" is made to determine if the family will take the call. Now Trump has made similar calls in the past, at least 34 of the 43 KIA soldiers since Trump became President, and probably consoled the family members in a similar fashion. So we  find the widow has decided to take the call, while in her car on speaker phone, with  Rep Wilson also in attendance and then made the call into a political scandal. The whole story makes no sense, unless it is in the context of left using the death of a soldier and the sacred manner in which the military consoles the family, for nothing more than political posturing and the inability to accept they have been rejected by much of the American people.

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