Monday, April 7, 2014

The Ukraine, Benghazi and Obama's War on Reality

The Obama Administration continue their war against reality when we look at the Ukraine. First, there is no doubt in anyone with any knowledge of the area, that the vast majority of the population of Crimea is Russian, and the vote to be annexed by Russia was a populace and expected move. It is also known that about 50-60% of the Eastern Ukrainians are also Russian and do not want to be part of the EU; this has led to protests in the city of Donetsk and two other eastern cities by several hundred pro-Russian demonstrators. What is Washington's response? The United States says there is "strong evidence that pro-Russian demonstrators in eastern Ukraine are being paid." The White House said some of the demonstrators who took over a government building and proclaimed independence from Ukraine were not local residents. White House spokesman Jay Carney said "I think that at least suggests that outside forces, not local forces, were participating in the effort to create these provocations." The obvious question is, how in the world could they know this? It took the CIA and the FBI almost a month before they figured out the terrorists that attacked and killed our Libyan Ambassador in Benghazi on 9/11*, were not a local group protesting a YouTube video almost no one has ever saw, but now they tell us they have identified hundreds Ukrainian protestors and know where they came from. Perhaps the real reason is, like Egypt and Syria, the Obama Administration can not accept that world does not revolve around President Obama, and people in other countries may want something other than what President Obama believes is to his best advantage. So true to form, when reality doesn't present Obama with the narrative that suits him, he simply tries to create a different reality.

 *I mean who would have thought that a terrorists group linked with al Qaeda would attack an US embassy on the anniversary of 911? Of course it might the unsubstantiated story the CIA was smuggling arms  to the Syrian Rebels (used by both sides of the Libyan war), also linked with al Qaeda on the same night, and simply did not want to explain they what they were up to.

Another reason is the shore up what has been seen as a lack of any cohesive foreign policy in the region. Libya is in tatters (the President and NATO seems to have done the impossible of making Lybia worse than it was under Gaddafi). While President Obama had courted the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi as the new President of Egypt, two years later the  people took to the streets by the millions (possibly 30 million; labeled by many as the largest public protest in history) to oust President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood; branding them as a terrorists organization (something President Obama has still refused to do despite atrocities carried out by the organization world wide). There is also the Syrian "problem" were President Obama promised Saudi Arabia he would dethrone Assad. But even with supplying al Qaeda and al Qaeda aligned  Syrian "rebels" and atrocities on both sides (evidence of poison gas used by both sides) Assad has not so easily dethroned (and it appears President Obama has moved on).  As the war was about to devolve into a proxy war  with the US (representing Saudi Arabia), al-Queda and the Sunnis on one side and Russia, Assad, Hezbollah, and  the Shiites on the other ( My Enemy's Enemy),  Russia brokered a cease fire giving Obama an out, leaving Saudi Arabia feeling like an American who thought he could keep their healthcare plan and doctor under ObamaCare, and then being told by the President, "I never said that."

As is typical, the authoritarian regime that has been constructed by Obama and the Democrats seek to control reality, knowing that any government that seeks to institute collective control, must be seen as trustworthy and infallible. This means the government must constantly fight the war against reality; never before has an American President told so many lies and never has the main street press ignored so much; both of which is part and parcel of any collective government (the truth is we are facing  fascism but most don't understand the meaning) Creeping Fascism.

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