Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Santa Cruz Sentential Owes the Dead Soldiers Families an Aplology

A recent letter published by the Santa Cruz Sentential shows the left will go to any lengths to disarm the American public, as it's war on reality continues; here is the letter;

Good guys with guns didn't prevent bad guy
The NRA is constantly telling us that the only way to stop the bad guys is to have good guys with guns. In last year's shooting at the DC Navy Yard and Wednesday's shooting at Fort Hood there were plenty of good guys facing a lone bad guy. Lot of good those good guys with guns had in stopping a bad guy.
— Gini M. Bianchi, Santa Cruz

This is my response

The Sentential printing the letter by Gini M. Bianchi thinking there were plenty of guns to ward off the attacks at the DC Navy Yard and Fort Hood, to stop the armed murdering rampages (showing good guys with guns can't defend themselves), could have only been allowed under one or more of the following three mindsets, 1) the Sentinel editorial board is as ignorant as the letter writer, not knowing that firearms are forbidden on military bases 2) the Sentinel editorial board knows firearms are not allowed on military bases and wanted to make a fool out of the letter writer 3) the Sentinel editorial board knows full well that firearms are forbidden on military bases but printed the letter anyway, hoping to use the murder of our courageous soldiers to further a political anti-second Amendment agenda. Either way the Sentinel owes these dead soldiers families and friends and it's readership an apology..

It remains to be seen if the Santa Cruz Sentinel editorial board has any character.

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