Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 More Democrat Mis-information to Come

As I wrote in the past, the Democrats own ObamaCare lot, stock and barrel and have had complete control of it's structure and rollout; but this has not stopped the Democrats for somehow trying to blame the Republicans for it's failings, ObamaCare is Flawed Because of the Republicans. What? and expect to see more of the same in 2014; and since this will threaten the 2014 midterms for the Democrats, expect it will become very ugly.

While it appears ObamaCare was preparatory for singlepayer (socialized medicine), the Democrats biggest fear is the roll out of ObamaCare was so much worse than they expected (it was meant to be a failure, but not this bad) that the citizenry will see the government is simply incapable running of their heathcare period; this regardless of Medicare which is quickly collapsing under it's won weight. A National Single Healthcare Based on Medicare. Welcome to Hell. Since their lies show they have never really been concerned about affordability and quality of the healthcare of the citizenry, their only concerned right now is how to blame this debacle on the Republicans. This has been problematic as the Republicans been united in their opposition to ObamaCare. The only tactic for the Democrats has been to blame the Republicans opposition to ObamaCare for it's failure. The main street media have obliged by publishing articles like this Professor Blames Southern White Radicals for ObamaCare Debacle that claim the failure of ObamaCare was due to Southern White Radicals (racist). You also see that the Republican House has voted to repeal ObamaCare near 40 times. The problem with this reasoning is Republicans have been unable to affect the roll out one iota, as they simply don't have the votes to do anything to slow down, defund, change, or affect ObamaCare in any way shape or form. But expect to see more of this, as all the Democrats have is lies and misinformation. 

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