Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Without Medicaid Expansion ObamaCare Would Increase Uninsured

Is it possible the purpose of ObamaCare was to federalize the states Medicare systems?

When all is said and done, it is the expansion of Medicaid that does all the heavy lifting of ObamaCare, while the ObamaCare exchanges are simply too expensive to help the remaining uninsured.* Here are the startling numbers. Democrats estimated there are 46 million people currently uninsured in the US Those Without Health Insurance 46 million, non-citizens in the US including illegal aliens account for 9.7% or 10 million of the uninsured leaving 36 million. The Obama Administration estimates slightly lower 44 million uninsured,ObamaCare Facts and says nearly half or 21.3 million of uninsured will be covered by ObamaCare's expansion of Medicaid ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion What we end up with then, if ObamaCare simply implemented just the expansion of Medicare, the number of uninsured that would be helped  is 21.3-22 million of the 36 million eligible (60%), leaving 14 million uninsured. The CBO now tells us that this 14 million will not only remain unisured but will more than double to 30 million by the end of this decade CBO ObamaCare will leave 30 million Uninsured, mainly because  these uninsured will not be able to afford ObamaCare. With 250 million Americans currently Insured and only 14 million uninsured after the expansion of Medicaid,  it also means that President Obama and the Democrats have taken control and turned the US Health Insurance Industry upside down, under the guise of unsuccessfully trying to insure the 5% of the uninsured.  So ObamaCare simply grows government without helping any one get affordable insurance.

*The end result of the expansion of state Medicaid by ObamaCare, where federal government will pick up 90-100% of the increased cost, is really nothing more than a federal take over of the Medicaid system. There is also a law that allows state medicaid agencies the right to seize all assets of a recipient after they die to pay for the medical services provided by Medicaid. "When the Medi-Cal (California's Medicaid System) recipient dies, the state may (and often does) seize remaining assets to reimburse the state for the Medi-Cal benefits paid during their lifetime. In many cases, this includes the recipient’s primary residence if they don’t have a surviving spouse. This provides a cost effective way to offset state and Federal costs". Medicaid Definition. If the states allow the federal expansion of Medicare, the federal funding and control of it's services will be for all purposes federalized the state Medicaid systems, which will eventually cost recipients everything they own to offset state and Federal costs.

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