Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama's War On the Middle Class Is Real

It is time that the American realize that Obama’s war on the middle class is more than just hyperbole. While President Obama continues to voice a need to protect the middle class, the results of his policies produce the opposite. First he defines the rich as making $100-200 thousand. Perhaps in Chicago this seems like a lot of money, but not in California where the housing market averages continue to hover around $450 thousand. Further he uses the similar figures to tax small businesses, seeming oblivious to the fact that a $300 thousand grossing business is one with 2-3 employees. During his time in office gasoline prices have doubled from $2.00 @gal to $4.00 @gal and gas prices are particularly hard the middle class and small business; big business and agriculture can simply increase prices to account for higher transportation prices but it will be up the middle class to pay these prices. Further Obama’s major claim that medical insurance cost would be reduced with Obamacare, but the opposite has occurred with insurance costs to the middle class increasing 50%-60%; when asked about this disparity the white house said we will have to wait until 2023 to see the reductions. Does anyone really believe that medical insurance costs in 2023 (long after Obama is out of office) will be lower than today?

So I guess one has to ask, why the President of the United States wants to gut the US economy of it’s greatest money producers. Well the reason is simple, President Obama is a socialist; and in socialism there are only two classes, the lower collective class with no individual rights and the upper class that rules with totality. In the United States it is the middle class that ended any hope of a socialist takeover, so President Obama continues to lay the ground work by raising prices and subsidize the unemployment of the middle class, by extending unemployment insurance indefinitely, until a majority of the citizenry is dependent on the government and middle class autonomy becomes something viewed by the majority as unobtainable. The President has also tried to show that it has been government that is responsible for the gains of the middle class with his infamous, “You didn’t build that” comment, as if need follows infrastructure and not the other way around. And how does the President’s agenda jive with the weakest post-recession "recovery" in more than 100 years? " The President has recently said, “We tried our plan and it worked."

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