Friday, May 11, 2012

Yes, Obama is a Socialist

Please note that this post is a work in progress and is continually edited for clarity.

Perhaps it is human nature that there are still some trusting soles that don’t believe President Obama is a socialist (of course this is foolishly based on his words over his deeds).(1)  This rebuke is often followed by the fact the Wikipedia definition of a socialist doesn’t define the president (of course this is foolishly based on his words over his deeds). One also has to realize that the terms of a socialist state are not written in stone; even Karl Marx admitted that socialism would have a much better chance of working if the state allowed privet ownership of homes and some businesses. This dichotomy between what Obama says and what he does, would be by design if it is the President’s intent to incrementally create a socialist state against the will of the citizenry (in "The Death of Liberalism" by R. Emmett Tyrell Jr, the author refers to Obama as a stealth socialist); when one looks at an interview with then candidate Obama, one sees the evidence that this is what’s happening. In the interview, Obama said his intent would be implement a single payer health plan, however it is not what the American citizens want, so he would have to phase it in over time; and this is exactly what ObamaCare does. Obama has also said he favors the private sector to create jobs, but these are just empty words to placate those that are not paying attention (2). Certainly no other President has ever interjected the redistribution of wealth and stoked the fire of class warfare in every speech he makes; these being the two pillars needed to rationalize the need for socialism.

The next step in creating a socialist state is controlling every aspect of peoples lives (3); this includes what kind of lunch a parent can make for their child, how much ones allowed to weigh, what temperature you can set your thermostat, what you have to buy, what you can listen to on the radio and what you can see/read on the internet. All these and many more rights and freedoms have been discussed as needing government regulation; and Obama has created a large federal security force from what was a small contingency of airport security guards, to enforce his regulations. The President has also proclaimed the ability to circumvent the power of congress with administrative regulations and to ignore via executive privilege, the findings of the Supreme Court. The only thing separating the President from his socialist state are our freedom of speech and right to bear arms; both of which are being whittled down by Obama as we speak.(4) It’s time to take our liberty back at the polls; the alternative is unthinkable (5)..

(1) The basis of socialism is the unwashed masses make bad decisions based on individual needs. This requires a totalitarian government that has a better understanding of the big picture to direct the the masses from their individual needs to the needs of the collective determined by the government.

(2). President Obama is a living breathing example of the socialists belief in the big lie; "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The reason being most will be wary of a small lie because they do it themselves, but if a lie is the complete reversal of the truth it is much harder to accept that it is really a lie. With President Obama there is simply no correlation between what he says and what he does; in most cases they are actually diametrically opposed to each other. Here, the president has not followed through with any of his pre-election promises with the exception of ObamaCare (it was later released that Obama choose ObamaCare over fixing the economy for what he believed would leave a better legacy), which was passed with a one sided partisan vote late on Christmas Eve using a parliamentary maneuver called reconciliation; a tactic Obama himself described as “Senate rules that really I think would change the character of the Senate uh forever and uh what I worry about would be that you essentially have still two chambers the House and the Senate but you have simply majoritarian uh absolute power on on either side and that’s just not what the Founders intended.” Other broken promises include the use if signing statements, employing lobbyists, the ending of the war in Afghanistan and the need for bipartisanship with major legislation..What has become obvious by now is Obama does not feel constrained by the intent of the founding Fathers.

(3)There is an old saying, "to make a Republican made tell a lie; to make a Democrat mad, tell the truth." Socialists always promise more than it can deliver; and while capitalists tend to be more realists, the left calls them uncaring and draconian (while there are problems with capitalism, it would seem to make more sense to try and fix the problems of a system that has proven itself to be incredibly successful, than to scrap it for a system that has always failed spectacularly). Eventually the entire collective must be indoctrinated to believe they have no worth as an individual and their only worth is being a productive part of the collective; therefore all individual rights and ownership must be relinquished to the government. This process is not natural so a socialist government must create a false reality to rationalize the erosion of liberties in the name of safety. therefore the socialists must have a monopoly on the truth and control the flow of  information (it has become common place for left leaning students to protest and disrupt speeches and presentations they consider contrary to socialist thought; the concept of being open a all ideas and critical thought has pretty much been done away with by the socialists in academia, instead they mean to shut down all thought that does not propagate socialists propaganda).  While the US media seems to support the socialist view, the Obama administration has been pushing toward controlling the content of alternate radio and the internet. Without complete complete block out of non-controlled information, socialism will always be shown for the farce it always becomes.

(4). Socialism is a one size fits all form of government. While it  has shown some validity with small groups living in a commune, which requires each members abilities to survive and sharing similar goals and values . But even when socialism seems to be in it's best element, history shows (as with the Jamestown settlement in 1607) that allowing members of the settlement to keep any surplus goods to trade above  and beyond the what is given toward the collective (capitalism), increased the individuals production substantively. Without these incentives you have as some Soviet Union workers would say, "They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work." Socialism demands the end of individual needs and assumes everyone in the collective will work for the state (aka the collective) to the best of their ability. Further the watchers who nudge, direct and re-educate and have dominion over the members of the collective; they are required to be selfless caretakers of the grand cause of socialism. To control and watch the collective requires a huge bureaucracy usually divided into various bureaus, syndicates, agencies and now czars. But when someone is a watcher, or works directly under a watcher, they start believing themselves to be above the rest. This is why the larger government gets, the more corrupt it gets; as Lenin asked, "who watches the watchers?"

(5)When the re-education process fails it has always led to genocide, as over 100 million people have been systematically murdered in the name of socialism; China brags they starved 80 million Chinese when they went to collective farming under Mao Sedong and his cultural revolution, yet modern day socialists still quote Mao as if he was a philosopher and not the horrific and apathetic murderer of  millions. This very fact alone shows that socialists care more for their failed theories than even humanity itself. So be afraid; be very afraid.    

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