Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why liberals have to lie Part 7; George Zimmerman

Once again we faced with the adage if you want to make a Liberal made tell the truth.

Much has been said about the George Zimmerman /Trayvon Martin shooting with it's racism overtones. It should be noted however that Zimmermen has called 911 on over 40 occasions (over 8 years) on various race people that were suspicious in his mind, but only this one ended tragically. It is also obvious left is investing all their energy in trying to disprove Zimmerman's account, by simply fabricating worse case scenarios that Zimmerman is a racist who hunted down and executed Martin; a scenario that has absolutely no basis what so ever.

The following is a blog exchange from the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Media has created Trayvon controversy
Arlette Lees writes that "if Trayvon Martin had been white and George Zimmerman been black, Zimmerman would have been portrayed as the big black bully who killed a little white boy armed with nothing but candy.' " Wrong. If that had been the scenario the article would never had made it past the Sanford Herald Newspaper, which it shouldn't have anyway. The liberal media that controls the news of this country loves to pounce on black/white issues to create controversy. And once again they did it big time, by stirring up the black population of the country with an incident that has yet to be proven to be a race issue.

Blame the liberal media? Of course!
As predicted, the conservative response to injustice, racial profiling, and the killing of an innocent boy is to blame the "liberal media." Elwin Haddix claims that if the victim had been white and the killer was black the story would not have made it out of the Sanford Herald newspaper. Firstly, as a proud Liberal, I must confess, I agree with Elwin here, but of course for a different reason: Indeed, it would not be in the national spotlight because the killer would have been arrested and justice would have been pursued. The facts: A paranoid wannabe cop he made numerous calls to 911, armed with an automatic weapon, hunted down a 17 year-old boy and executed him. Self-defense? Really? Who followed whom with a loaded gun? Secondly, mainstream media liberal? Look at our local media and which corporate interests own most media outlets.

Next was another exchange regarding NBC editing the Zimmerman 911 tape specifically to make Zimmerman look like a rasicts. On another blog this is what was said (I also responded but the second response was so much better than mine, I decided to use it instead.

Poster #1 Assuming all the above is true (that NBC edited the 911 tape), according to the link you posted, NBC has also acknowledged this crap and is investigating it. I can count on one nutsack how many times Fox News has admitted a screwup and investigated it and I'll still have room to spare.

Poster #2 NBC edited (the) tape to make it sound racist to ignite an already troubling event. That is the lowest form of douchebaggery I have witnessed in my lifetime. Sorry but NBC takes the cake on this one. That is a complete lack of integrity and violates the rights of Zimmerman to a fair trial and even puts his life in danger. NBC did the same type of thing to the security guard that found the explosive device a while back. If I recall he sued them and won an undisclosed settlement. Bias is one thing (FOX) but outright deceit in editing to manipulate and misdirect is completely unacceptable. I don't care who you are or what side your on, the actions by NBC in this incident should infuriate you to the point of writing them and telling them this type of BS has to stop. (I couldn't have said it better and I tried)

Trying to tie it all together I sent this to the Sentential.

The left has gone crazy trying to disprove Zimmerman account of the Martin shooting. As usual they are creating scenarios that are not based in reality. The left cries out that Zimmerman was a paranoid wantabe cop that called 911 40 times! What’s not mentioned is this occurred over 8 years! That’s a watchful neighbor calling the police 5 times a year on suspicious subjects in the neighborhood and in all those incidents with suspicious subjects of all colors, there were no violent incidents? Why was this incident different? The left says Zimmerman hunted down Martin with an automatic weapon and executed him. Really? Even if Zimmerman has a machine-gun, which he did not, he only fired the one round that tragically killed Martin. All the known evidence and witness statements show the incident occurred as Zimmerman said and Martin attacked him as he was walking away. Still ABC News releases a tape proclaiming Zimmerman had no injuries, then had to back peddle and admit there were. NBC tampered with the 911 tape and released it as news; but now they're looking into it as if they have no idea how it could have happened (obviously this is a stall so they can come up with some believable damage control; good luck with that). All that’s obvious here is the left is once again telling one lie after another to manufacture facts that to fit their agenda. Nothing new here..

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