Monday, March 19, 2012

To Make a Democrat Mad

As the facts start to come out it becomes very obvious that the entire contraception issue was manufactured by the White House. Rather than Obama face the wrath of the electorate as he is unconstitutionally trying to force religious institutions to pay for contraception and abortion, he has used the press to re-define the issue, not about the right to practice ones religious beliefs, but planting the fear that government is going to outlaw contraception It started in January when ABC news, seeming out of the blue queried both Rick Santorium and Mitt Romney if theoretically states could ban contraception. The issue has then latched onto by the Democrats, not only to to create the fallacy of losing contraception rights, but to also avert the attention of the American voter away from huge deficits and high unemployment (using the 1930's formula we are at 16%). 30 year old Sandra Fluke, long time abortion advocate, was recruited by the White House via ex-White House Communications Secretary Anita Dunn who now runs a PR firm. The Democrats tried to interject Ms Fluke at the last minute into a Congressional hearing on the Constitutionality of mandating birth control on religious organization; since Ms Fluke is not a Constitutional expert she was not allowed in. When the Democrats propped her up in her own hearing she introduced no facts, offering only anecdotal information, including an account of an unknown student/employee was denied contraceptive medicine for non-contraceptive medical purposes because Georgetown University would not pay for it. Turns out this is a lie, the Georgetown University health plan does pay for any non-contraceptive use of contraception medicine. As usual, if you want to make a Democrat mad, tell the truth.

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