Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teacher Represents All Republicans as Stupid

One of the lefts favorite attics is to paint all conservatives as stupid. The reason is that it takes a great deal to manipulation of the truth to sell liberalism; aka socialism. So when Conservatives argue the simple truth, it is presented as too simplistic to be intellectual by the left. It is also a tactic of of the indefensible to attack the messenger, rather than try to defend their position; this is especially true of elitist teachers who's progressive world view is unchallengeable in the classroom, leading them to believe that they are intellectually superior. This was a letter to the editor to the Santa Cruz Sentinel responding to such a denigration of GOP messengers.

You (Santa Cruz Sentinel) recently published a letter to the editor from a teacher, Frank Drees. It is certainly not unusual for a teacher to be condescending and have an elitist’s liberal attitude, but I was somewhat surprised at how inane his argument was. “As a teacher it seemed as if 55% of my students came from broken homes and 44% were born to unwed mothers, something I've also read. As for the parents I met, most were as intelligent as a Republican candidate for president.” While I don’t have the room here to dissect such a condescending and liberal ego, lets at least explore the intelligence of the Republican Candidates. Not even considering their political backgrounds as State Governors, State and Federal Representatives, lets just look at their education.

Michelle Bachman; a BA Political Science from JD Oral Roberts University and Master of Law LL.M from William and Mary School of Law.
Mitt Romney; a BA English Brigham Young University and a JD/MBA (Joint Degree) fromHarvard Law School/ Harvard Business School.
Ron Paul; a BS in Biology from Gettysburg College and an MD from Duke University.
Tim Pauley; a BA in Political Science and a JD from the University of Minnesota.
Newt Gingrich; a BA in History Emory University, a MA in History and PhD in Modern European History from Tulane University.
Rick Santorum; a BA Political Science from Pennsylvania State University, a MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and JD from the Dickinson School of Law of Penn State.

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