Monday, July 25, 2011

Obama: A Lying Sack of Jello?

The following are excerpts from a Op-Ed piece in the Washington Times . It lists the lies told by Obama during the debt ceiling negotiations. What has been obvious from the beginning is President Obama firmly believes that lying is a normal part of campaigning; and he might have a point there. Many candidates campaign on promises they know they can never keep and Obama was not able to follow through with any of his promises, save Obamacare, which fell far short of Democrat expectations. The problem is the President has never stopped campaigning and continues to create his own reality that has no semblance to reality. Below are examples starting with what Obama said, followed by what really happened from an "insider"; a person intimately involved in the negotiations.

Obama “I just got a call about a half-hour ago from Speaker [John A.] Boehner, who indicated that he was going to be walking away from the negotiations,” he said.
Insider: “The White House made offers during the negotiations,” “and then backtracked on those offers after they got heat from Democrats on Capitol Hill. The White House, and its steadfast refusal to follow through on its rhetoric in terms of cutting spending and addressing entitlements, is the real reason that debt talks broke down.”

“You had a bipartisan group of senators, including Republicans who are in leadership in the Senate, calling for what effectively was about $2 trillion above the Republican baseline that they've been working off of. What we said was give us $1.2 trillion in additional revenues.”
“The White House had already agreed to a lower revenue number — to be generated through economic growth and a more efficient tax code — and then it tried to change the terms of the deal after taking heat from Democrats on Capitol Hill,” our insider said. Bowing to the powerful liberal bloc on Capitol Hill — Mr. Obama demanded another $400 billion in new taxes: a 50 percent increase. (Boehner: Obama moved the goalpost).

Obama“We then offered an additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.”
: “Actually, the White House was walking back its commitments on entitlement reforms, too. They kept saying they wanted to ‘go big.’ But their actions never matched their rhetoric.”

Exasperated, Boehner finally said , "Listen, we've put plan after plan on the table. You know the House passed its budget. We had our plan out there. The House passed the 'Cut, Cap and Balance'. Never once did the president ever come to the table with a plan." Then he said to the Obama, " As I read the Constitution, the Congress writes the laws and you get to decide what you want to sign"

Again, one of the column supports of socialism is always promise more than you can deliver; the socialist will look compassionate and the conservative will appear heartless. The lies will continue until, like Greece, a country you will be so deep in the hole there is no realistic way out, outside of begging other countries for help.

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