Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Democrats like their Jello Negotiator?

On Sunday, July 17th the Santa Cruz Sentinel published a letter I wrote commenting on the lack of commitment President Obama has toward anything he says. The Sentinel then printed a response by a liberal letter writer named John Beisner. Beisner gets his letters published 4-6 times a month and but always says exactly the same thing. This response is a typical example how Beisner and most Democrats really can't defend the big lie, they simply try to bury it in political rhetoric.

My letter
One has to feel a certain amount of sympathy for John Boehner as he stated negotiating with the President is like trying to nail down Jell-O. Never has this country ever had a President who's word means so little; it’s as if every statement by the President has a 12 hour expiration date. The President has claimed he will not engage in partisan rhetoric and then refers to Republicans in the most derogatory terms. The President has said that not keeping the Bush tax cuts would slow the recovery and now wants to wipe out the same tax cuts even though the recovery has stalled. Obama claims the deficit is a threat to national security, but wants to increase it by $10 trillion. The President said he will balance the budget including cuts in entitlements, but has never purposed any changes to Social Security or Medicare.Trying to get the President to commit to anything concrete only results in nails covered with green slime.

John Beisner
In response to Brad Goodwin's letter, one has to feel a certain amount of sympathy for President Obama since negotiating with John Boehner is like talking to a rock. Never has this country ever had a speaker whose position was dictated by a pledge to a private citizen Grover Norquist. Boehner has claimed he won't engage in partisan rhetoric and then refers to Democrats in the most derogatory terms. The speaker has said he wants to create jobs, but has yet to offer a jobs bill. The speaker has said the deficit is a threat to national security, yet offers no solution other than cutting spending. When offered a chance to negotiate cuts to entitlements along with revenue increases, Boehner refused. Trying to get Boehner to commit to anything is like talking to a rock.

Beisners response just didn't work. He tried to use my letter as a template, but he could not address the point that the Democrats have no plan, no budget and the President won't hold himself to anything he agreed to the day before. He then tried to make it a negative that Boehner is holding fast to his principals like a rock.

My response
One has to just shake their head and smile that Beisner is so oblivious of his own ignorance. First Boehner has never claimed to be non-partisan; he revels in his partisanship. Second, as a rock at least you know what he stands for, unlike Obama who stands only for Obama and the way the winds blow (do away with polling data and the President would be rendered mute). I, like Beisner judge politicians by the company and ideology they keep; Boehner listens to the like of Grover Norquists and the ideology of Ronald Reagen; Obama carries out the dictates of George Soros and Andy Stern; you make the call here. Poor Mr Beisner has also not yet figured out that there is no such thing as a jobs bill, government can not create jobs. However, every bill that keeps taxes low, reduces regulations and fees, shrinks government and/or creates a stable environment so small business does not have to face the uncertainty that the Democrats have created, will grow jobs; a jobs bill simply anything that gets government off the backs of employers. Further it has been said over and over, but Beisner does not get it; we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. If the Democrats got their way and the Bush tax cuts were reduced to the Clinton levels, it would raise about $800 billion in ten years; the deficit is scheduled to increase by $10 trillion during the same time period; even a California High School graduate could do this math. Finally, as Democrats always do, he continually contradicts himself, sense all Democrat arguments are nothing more than hollow political rhetoric. In one sentence Beisner complains Boehner is holding steadfast to his positions (i.e. a rock) and the next he said Beisner won't commit to anything. What really stands out with Beisner reply to my article however, has nothing to do with Boehner or the Republican party. It is the fact that Beisner didn't dispute one point that I made in my earlier article. Even Beisner knows that he would look even more foolish trying to defend Obama and the fact that his word means nothing and there is no sincerity or honesty in anything; ANYTHING the president says.

I'll leave you with this. Which negotiator would you rather have on your side? Someone that is compared by his opponent as a rock, or someone that is compared by his opponents as Jello?

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