Monday, April 11, 2011

The Infallibility of Government

It is said that the first thing that disappears with Socialism is the truth and it is what we have seen with President Obama and the Democratic Congress. President Obama has not followed through with one promise he made as a candidate Obama save Obamacare; and even then President Obama broke every promise the he made selling it to the American people. Candidate Obama said he would reduce the deficit by one half by the end of his first term and President Obama submitted a budget for 2012 that would double the deficit, adding $10 billion in ten years (CBO). Both sides admit that until Social Security and Medicare (entitlements) are addressed (read expenditures reduced), there will be no meaningful deficit reduction. But the Democrats have responded by first saying Social Security is not in danger because bonds were issued when the Social Security funds were borrowed; the money is long gone but the bonds still say the money is owed; no matter how you interpret the books, paying for Social Security shortfalls will increase the debt the same whether the bonds exist or not, as the government simply borrowed money from itself.

When it comes to Medicare, President Obama first double counted a $500 billion cut in Medicare that would fund Obamacare and sustain Medicare by the same amount; then his own Debt Reduction Committee recommended a 70 percent cut in benefits and 30 percent increase in revenues.

The first big lie from Socialism is the promises of entitlements that it simply cannot be sustained. This lasts just long enough for the citizenry to feel entitled and for the Socialists to demagogue anyone that wants fiscal responsibility. The demagoguery is always based on cuts in entitlements that should be reserved for the minority truly in need, but has been given to everyone, so any cuts in entitlements always effects the truly needy. President Obama has also exposed the American people to the end game of Socialism, which is referred to as the infallibility of government. This refers to when government programs continually fail, promises are all broken and government officials continually lie to the citizenry, but the press and the citizenry itself prefer to believe in an alternate reality, where all government programs succeed and all promises are kept. The point being that socialism cannot exists when it is scrutinized; it has to be blindly accepted.

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