Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paul Krugman is Indeed a Liar

On 02.27.2011 The Santa Cruz Sentential posted a condensed version of my article, The Fallacy of the Republican/democrat Flip/Flop on Civil Rights

"Once again Paul Krugman has tried to prop up his worldview by simply lying. In his previous article he said the Republican Party had abandoned the party of Lincoln, by embracing the racist south for a voting block. The reality of course was the South finally outgrew the Jim Crow Democrats and joined the rest of the nation, while Democrats for 40 years have been trying to remove the stench of segregation and Jim Crow from their party. In his article, “Wisconsin Power Play” he states that major conservative pundits insisted President Obama help Mubaraka suppress the uprising in Egypt. This of course has no foot in reality; conservatives across the board have condemned Mubarak where it was Secretary of State Clinton and Vice President Biden who proclaimed their backing of the Mubarack regime. It is a shame that Krugman has the notoriety that gives him the space in your paper to write such trash."

If I have one purpose in writing these articles it is trying to root out those that blindly follow the likes of Paul Krugman. The response was from one of those folks. It gives one some insight on how the left nurtures progressive thought with lies and mis-information.

Brad Goodwin's letter in the Feb. 26 paper claims Paul Krugman lied when he said major conservative pundits insisted that President Obama help Mubarak suppress the uprising in Egypt when, in fact "conservatives across the board have condemned Mubarak." In fact, it is Mr. Goodwin who is misinformed. It's easy to find statements on the Internet from conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, before Mubarak stepped down, praising Mubarak and suggesting that people "root for" him to prevail that was Limbaugh. Try it yourself; it won't take long. People should be more careful before calling others liars and accusing them of writing trash.

Peter Gelblum, Boulder Creek

This response should have been my the original article, as I backs up the original concept that Paul Krugman is indeed a liar. Whether the Sentinel will print it is questionable.

"As usual those of the left never actually listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh or other conservative pundits, they simply read a Google hit from Media Matters to find quotes taken out of context. Peter Gelblum rushing to the defense of Paul Krugman, claims Rush Limbaugh and other conservative pundits did indeed denounced the uprising in Egypt; he commented, "before Mubarak stepped down, praising Mubarak and suggesting that people "root for" him to prevail that was Limbaugh". The Limbaugh quote in context occurred while he was discussing the Muslim Brotherhood and their anti-west rhetoric; "No one really knows who to root for...If you are concerned with US interests, we should root for Mubarak to prevail. Would Mr Gelblum deny that Mubarack was been a strong ally of the west? Krugman is a hack and a liar, for this there is no doubt."

edited 03.06.2011.

Another example of Paul Krugman's intellectual dishonesty is how he mixes statistic apples and oranges to arrive at what ever conclusion fits his world view. Here is an excellent article by iowahawk.com Longhorns 17, Badgers 1 , that references one of Krugman's recent trips to fantasy land where he tries to equate collective bargaining and high school tests scores; I love it when a rather dry scholarly piece contains the word "bullshit!".

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