Friday, March 4, 2011

The Dogma of Progressive Science

If there is one thing that ties all progressives together it is dogma masquerading as science. As I mentioned in a previous article, Progressives; Still Lost in the 1920s the modern progressive movement began around the late 1800s/ early 1900’s when progressive believed that human and societal behavior could be understood and controlled through science. These behaviors spawned the social sciences of Eugenics, Psychiatry, Evolution and Communism; all four were considered to have a scientific base, even Communism was proposed by Marx and Engle’s, not as a form of government, but the eventual scientific destination of all successful societies. One of the basic scientific procedures when trying to prove a theory is to release your findings to the scientific world to see if your finding can be reproduced; this is called peer review. Another basic tenet of science is there must be a way of disproving your theory or the theory becomes non-scientific dogma. As time went on, the pseudo sciences of Keynesian economics and Man Made Global Warming joined the ranks.

Taken separately it is easy to understand that these were not science at all, taken together it is the progressives desire to eliminate God from the equation. Psychiatry as defined by Sigmund Freud held the Newtonian belief that once a psychosis was understood and identified then a cure or course of therapy was not far behind. Once Freud started to understand the true complexity of human behavior he realized his life’s worth has been more defining what psychology is not, more than what was. I have covered Eugenics in several of my articles, but stated simply it is racism, and elitism, proven through pseudo science with the goal of eliminating the useless eaters of the world. The fourth of the original pseudo sciences is the Theory of Evolution or the original title of Darwin’s theory, “The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection or Preservation of favored Races in the Struggle for Life.” It is not a big leap of faith to believe, even from just the title, that Darwin believed strongly in Eugenics, which he did.

The Theory of Evolution is still the sole and only scientific theory to challenge religious creation in the origins of life, even though it’s basic premise has never been scientifically proven. As most know the Theory of Evolution states that lower forms of animals evolved into higher forms of animals, and this occurred as animals adapted to their changing surroundings. This evolution was incremental and was the result of a genetic anomalies in animals the proved to be an life advantage, and the same species without this advantage would not be able to compete and would die off. This theory seemed to have been extrapolated from the common occurrences of adaptation, where a color of fur or resistance to a poison, helped a species become more viable. But these animals never morphed into an entirely different species, they simply adapted. Science has showed that similar species have similar genes and even identical strains of DNA, and that these strains of DNA seem to run through extinct and similar species, but no mid-species animals have ever been discovered. When confronted with this information, some of my progressive friends have said, okay so animals evolve in a single generation; which of course is something god could do, but by definition is not evolution.

I will not delve too much into Keynesian theory or Man Mad Global Warming , except to say both are a pseudo scientific, tied closely to progressive political beliefs and also have no avenue where they can be disproved. Those that espouse Man Made Global Warming, claim any and all weather conditions and changes are a result of Man Made Climate Change. Keynesians believe that if an economy does not recover after a stimulus has been injected into the economy, then the stimulus was not enough, with no ideal or maximum amount ever discussed.

So lets not be fooled by what always becomes the science of the oppressor. Science does not objectively become dogma and it takes a great deal of energy and financial considerations to keep this “scientific dogma” from coming crashing to the ground. Therefore, scientific dogma is always very easy to spot, as it will always exist to control and oppress people for the purposes of political or financial gain; or to simply control humanity as purpose unto itself.

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