Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's Take a Timeout to Bury Our Dead

The below letter to the editor appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel on January 11, 2011. It is typical of the hatred, vitriol and toxic rhetoric that the left is so quick to blame the right for (there was also an onslaught of letters and blogs wishing Sarah Palin had been shot instead) . Further, it serves not to enlighten, but to continue an onslaught of hate and personal attacks against a public figure that is at worst a political hack. While I find Sarah Palin grinding to listen to, I have never been able to understand what it is about her that gets the left so unhinged. Gordon Salisbury letter below contains no solace or even recognition of the pain our nation is feeling by the loss of a public figure taken by a mad man; it only serves to perpetrate hate. Ms Salisbury is so hateful, she dares tell us that any public display of condolences by Sarah Palin in regards to Gabrielle Giffords as self serving, then browbeats Sarah Palin for the unlikelihood of her not attending any of the funerals. Again, this is typical of the left becoming irrational and unhinged anytime the name Sarah Palin is mentioned. Let's take at timeout on this banter so we can bury our dead.

Palin's condolences self serving, disgusting.

It was disgusting to read Sarah Palin's unsolicited, self serving offer of condolences to Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her family. The assailant was apparently a deranged young man angry at the government. No person has done more than Palin to foster ignorance, hatred and reverence for guns and bullets in out culture. Her pestilence was unleashed on our nation by Arizona's own Sen McCain. I'm sure the maverick senator would find a way to clear his calender for a funeral or two. I'll bet Palin is too busy. Gordon Salisbury

This is my response,a shorter version of my previous blog article, Politcal Hack Krugman Says Never Mind the Facts.

Stop blaming the right

Reading Gordon Salisberry's letter blaming Sarah Palin for the six murders and attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, one has to wonder how the left could have so much hate that they would use this horrible tragedy to try and score political points. The truth is no one knows why a psychotic like Jared Loughner would do anything. What is known is Loughner has been obsessed with Giffords since 2007, long before any of the political rhetoric by Sarah Palin. But that hasn't stopped the likes of Paul Krugman and others on the left to hope and pray, not for peace for the families, but that they can use this to their political advantage. From, "The Arizona shooter was an anti-Semitic, Marxist, atheist, left-wing anarchist, yet somehow the liberal establishment says the right wing media is still at fault."

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