Monday, May 24, 2010

God Bless America

The story of America is the story of immigrants that left their home countries and came to America for a better life. Without immigrants from all over the world, America would not have seen perhaps it’s greatest moments, when it defeated the Axis powers and ended WWll. However, it was not long afterwards when America had to seriously deal with the unhealed wound of black racism and truly integrate the black man into the American culture; it is still a work in progress. But this is far and away different than the ideology of multicultural ism; because America has it’s own culture. Much of the culture comes directly from America’s founding documents; the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That by definition, we are a free people; “Hey, it a free county isn’t it”. Another part of our culture is what New York Times writer described as “earned success”… “that America is fundamentally a just society… people who work hard can usually overcome whatever unfairness is thrust in their way...right and wrong is contained in the relationship between reward and effort. If people do not work but get rewarded, that’s wrong. If people work and do not get rewarded, that’s wrong”. In other words, while life is not fair, American’s still believe in honesty and fair play.

What multiculturalism always misses is “e pluribus unum” means the many being incorporated into a single culture; it is a melting pot, not a tossed salad. It has been said that no country will continue to thrive without a common culture to fall back on. And while America is an inclusive country, the multiculturalist wants to redefine America as accepting of all cultures; something America is not, nor should it be. As a police officer I was exposed to multicultural training and the concept of “culturally acceptable behavior”, or behaviors acceptable in other cultures that may not be acceptable in ours. While sometimes interesting, about half of the cultural differences revolved around violence toward women, which in my opinion was unnecessary. The truth is, domestic violence is un-American, wrong , illegal and I really didn’t care (and still don’t) where it might me acceptable to another culture. America is the borg, “resistance is futile; you will be assimilated”. When you look at how other cultures have been assimilated into the American culture, you will not see a campaign of acceptance. What occurred was a rigorous and often treacherous journey to prove one’s culture could assimilate and prosper in the melting pot.

In no other country, with the possible exception of Britain, does national pride equate to racism in the psyche of the progressive. In a recent May Day celebration on a high school campus, 5 students were sent home because they displayed images of the American flag, which was viewed to be provocative (read racist) on the faux Mexican-American “holiday”. In the American culture the American flag could no more be racist than the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But the political correctness wing of multiculturalism continues unabated and has even restricted national security in America. There is no doubt that profiling young middle eastern men as possible suicide bombers, would be exponentially more effect in airline screening than the current “random” system that strangely results in the same attractive American females being screened on a constant basis; it is certainly a truism that all of the known jihadists that have attacked America via airliners, would have been better scrutinized if these usual suspects had been profiled. This is not to say that racial profiling should be permitted, or that is not a negative right under the 14th Amendment. However, as long a profiling can withstand a “probable cause” scrutiny, it would be permitted under our constitution. Further, if the profile simply initiated a more in-depth background check that would not be known to the subject, it would not interfere with any civil rights.

This madness has to stop. America has the right to look after it’s own self-interest. Those that immigrate to America generally do not do so because they want to change America to be like their home country; and those that do are usually here illegally, but still want all the advantages available in a free society. Americans have the right to national pride and to be culturally judgmental. As I said before, America was founded on cultural inclusion, not cultural acceptance. These concepts are an anathema to the multicultural progressives, whose purpose is to deny American exceptionalism, and create social mediocrity. Our founding fathers believed that the creation of America was the result of divine providence. And regardless of your belief system, America is greater than the sum total of its parts. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and has known no other way.

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