Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letter to the Editor on Obamacare

What Are the Democrats Thinking?

When it comes to Obamacare, you have to wonder, what are the Democrats thinking? Obamacare is clearly unpopular, but Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem stuck in ramming it through. Conventional wisdom says they have no choice. With nothing to show for a years work, they have to produce something, even if it is the most hated bill in memory. Another reason Democrats refuse to admit defeat, seems best summed up by NPR's Juan Williams, "they will love it after they get used to it... after all, Americans love entitlements". He bases this belief on polls that show, if you break down Obamacare, most Americans like some of the components it has to offer. I don't think this is in dispute; the issue has always been, what form Obamacare is going to take, and "Can we afford it right now?" Most Americans want healthcare reform, but not as an entitlement and/or under the control of Washington. Most Americans work for what they get and don't need Washington upping their taxes, just so they can return a portion back as a so called entitlement. Even using Williams logic, it will not save the Democrats if they push through Obamacare. Apparently he forgets that the billions in new taxes and Medicare cuts will start immediately, but none of the so-called entitlements will start for three years! That's right, for three long years there will be tax and no spend on healthcare. But don't worry, Cap and Trade is already in the Presidents 2011 budget, where he expects to tax America for an additional $650 billion over the next ten years. I can hardly wait.

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