Wednesday, February 10, 2010

America Prepares For Fascisim

I have written several articles about fascism and have explained how certain policies could result in a fascist America. The intent of this blog is to specifically list President Obama's policies and congressional bills and how they will lead to a fascist state. Over the next months and years you will hear terms like socialized capitalism, and social justice; these are just euphemisms used by Progressives for fascism. To better understand you also need to keep in mind that the Progressive agenda is based on Marxism. If there is one term that is synonymous with both Progressivism and Marxism it is science. Progressive strongly believe that the collective is unable to make informed and critical decisions, so the state must make these decisions for them. Current Intellectuals like Cass Sunstein (an Obama Czar) stress incrementalism or to nudge the citizenry in the right direction in all areas including, " education, personal finance, health care, mortgages and credit cards, (and) happiness..”. Again, since the beliefs and policies of the Progressive movement is thought to be rooted in science, they are freed from any morality or value system to carry out their plans for utopia and socialism.

Control of business and unions.

  1. President Obama took over GM and Chrysler and handed then over to the unions; 17.5% GM and 65% Chrysler. Both are being run by CEO's installed by the Federal Government. It is not hard to imagine a scenario where the government will continue to team up with the unions and and extend hegemony over all unionized business in the US. In fascism the government creates a commission to address all union matters and decide issues; the commissions decisions are final and not negotiable.

  2. One of President Obama's agenda items is called “guaranteed income stream” of a Federal Guaranteed Return Annuity. These are mandatory retirement accounts, were a portion of your retirement will be placed in an account backed by US Treasury Bonds. Then when you retire, you will receive a fixed amount for life. The reason for this is diabolical. There is close to $10 trillion out there in private and public retirement and pension funds in the US. The way the US pays for it's debt is to sell treasury bonds (i.e. Savings Bonds). So, the Federal Government is going to force the citizenry to buy it's debt. The original plan is to mandate 15% of your retirement funds must go into this government annuity, but one suspects this will grow. As Duke in the Doonebarry comic strip once said, “Besides, the pension fund was just sitting there” .

  3. In the area of Cap and Trade, it appears the Senate will not produce a bill any time soon, but that has not stopped the President.. On Dec 9, 2009 Environmental Protection Agency officials said that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide endanger people's health. Using this “endangerment finding”, the EPA overcame a hurtle placed by the US Supreme Court before it could regulate C02. In a move out of the fascist play book, the President has directed the EPA to bypass Congress and strong arm cities into investing in Cap and Trade; a scheme that will bring all business under federal control and cost the country tax payers $500 billion @ year conservatively. This area of fascism also demonstrates the use of science which is typical of socialism. It is surprising how quickly intellectuals and scientist jump on the band wagon to scientifically prove aspects of a planned society and fascism. Everything from Eugenics to fascism being the inevitable result of evolved capitalism and the free market, was shown to be scientifically proven in Germany and Italy. The idea that science is somehow more objective and immune from the political pressures of social and economic planners is a pit we continue to where we continually fall; even to this day.

The end result is the state being in complete control of the means of production. One of the keys to fascism is controlled capitalism, where the state is responsible for remove any and all impediments. With elimination of trade unions and class conflict, industry is free to explore any avenue of production without being hindered. Add to this the government being in complete control of retirement and pension funds, the workers will be beholding to the State for every aspect of his employment. President Obama's end around on Cap and Trade is reminiscent of FDR. Much like Rahn Emanuels, "Never let a crisis go to waste", FDR pushed through the NRA that was a fascist take over of industry in the US.

Control of the Banking system

  1. As a result of the TARP buy out, the US Treasury silently included what is referred to as an “explicit guarantee”. Meaning the Treasury will back the banks to the tune of $27.3 trillion for any future debts they may incur; with this extent of this pending liability, the government should have unfettered influence on the banks.

Our current banking system with the Federal Reserve has the framework of fascism already in place; someone would say the Federal Reserve is already an operating fascist entity. With fascism in place, all semblance of an independent banking system will disappear and the banks will simply become an annex of the government and every aspect of the economics of the state will be planned and controlled.

Media and Information control

  1. Seemingly without any prodding the main stream media, with the exception of Fox news have been biased toward President Obama at a scale never seen before. Further, with Cass Sustein, the Information and Regulatory Czar, we have an ideologue who appears to accept the extremest Constitutional theory the First Amendment was meant for politicians in Congress and not the American citizens . He has written a now infamous white paper calling for censorship of any individual or group stating he, “doubt(s) whether, as interpreted, the constitutional guarantee of free speech is adequately serving democratic goals”.

  2. The Federal Cybersecurity Act of 2009 is on it's way to becoming law and has prescribed (from Mother Jones) new Presidential powers to shut down or limit Internet traffic in any "critical" information network "in the interest of national security." Further, the bill does not only add to the power of the president. It also grants the Secretary of Commerce "access to all relevant data concerning [critical] networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access." This means he or she can monitor or access any data on private or public networks without regard to privacy laws.

Thomas Jefferson said "Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it." That is why all tyrannical governments always target radio and TV stations. It has been said that Stalin and Hitler, "were dictators in favor of freedom of speech for views they liked only". Unfortunately censorship can be self imposed, proving there is no difference between censorship at the barrel of a gun or the result of a closed mind. As fascism takes control, the press will be attacking straw man enemies, while the State will always be presented in a manner favorably to the State. It will be media's job to present fascism as the personification of the needs and love of the people; Mussolini "For us the nation is not just territory but something spiritual... A nation is great when it translates into reality the force of its spirit".

The End of Individualism

  1. In order for fascism to take hold, collectivism must replace Individualism. Of all the freedoms in our current society, this will be the most problematic. The avenue of choice here by the Progressives appear to be healthcare. The current healthcare reforms are specifically designed to devalue individualism. The goal has always been single payer, where the government controls the health needs of all citizens; even the so called public option, was simply designed to create a incremental step toward single payer, where none existed before. Once single payer is initiated, the American will have surrendered their individualism and joined the collective. Care will be dolled out and rationed according to the individual value to the state; the plan also includes the government having access to banking accounts and medical records. As with all collective healthcare systems, the higher quality of care must be reduced to accommodate greater demand on the system. The collective citizen's health, diet, exercise and general quality of life will be dictated by the benevolent State, that is supposedly unbiased toward the betterment and health of the State , of which the collective is part.

In a collective society, the State defines the value system. In fascism, the State is able to end class conflict by cementing the individual into their class. As opposed to a workers revolution, fascism is more often supported by the middle class, that fears a loss of it's status in a crisis. In the long run, fascism attempts to creates a stable government, where class position in society is secure and permanent. Your value as a person is your value to the State; to each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution.

I did not create a separate heading for indoctrination, as the Progressives have been in charge of education since their inception, and tacit revisionist history is already pervasive. In order for a society born of individualism to become a collective, the Progressives have re-written history to down play the positives effects of individual freedom and liberty, which has made the American people the most prosperous people in history. The interjection of Progressive policies especially in the 20th century has been an object failure, so in a form of historical misdirection, the Progressive educational system attempts to take credit for the blessings of liberty and freedom. Cass Sustein presents this Orwellian worldview best when he says, "There is no liberty without dependency”.

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