Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alex Jones and the Problems with Zealotry

If you don't know, Alex Jones is a conspiracy, 911 Truther who does have a talent for ferreting out real attempts by the federal government constant attempts to circumvent the Constitution. Jones is also known for his visceral hate of law enforcement or any other authority. One area where Jones is right on, is the Man Made Global Warming debacle. However, after seeing the hysterical "Green Police" Audi commercial, first shown during the Super Bowl, Alex Jones has decided that it is propaganda to lull the American people to accept the tyranny of the Environmental wackos. Here's the video. I believe the issue here is Alex Jones inability to laugh at himself, as he seems to view this video is the moral equivalent of being ridiculed; yes Alex Jones is a bit Narcissistic. Obviously, any one with a brain in his head, whom doesn't have the skewed world view of Alex Jones, sees this commercial differently. How do I know this? Take a look at the media reaction. Most see it for what it is; a mockery of the over reaching environmental movement. The Christian Science monitor went even further saying the ad was, "controversial for its portrayal of environmental issues and echoes of Nazi-era police". On the Made Made Global warming side, Discover said, "it mocks the environmental movement. I don’t get it", and a blogger at Get Energy Smart Now!, "It is simply astounding that a German company would play against such a framing, making oblique references to a Nazi police unit and providing what many will see as a broadside against environmentalism as somehow fascist in nature". In other words, Alex relax, they got it! This ad obviously implied that the environmental movement can be fascist in nature and the ad certainly was not an incremental step toward tyranny. From now on, any attempt at incrementalism from the environmental movement, will bring to mind this ad; this it what you want to happen. Just because it's funny, and doesn't involve you, doesn't mean it's a product of the New World Order.

Along the same lines, Alex Jones and his side kick, Jason Bermas have completely bought into the Gary Allen's false dilemma, that there are only two theories of history, either accidental or planned; Jones believing in the latter. I tend to believe that most is planned, but some is also accidental. This has really raised it's head with the issue of the Tea Party Nation and Sarah Palin. Jones stated very succinctly, that the litmus test of whether Palin was a member of the new World Order, was whether she backed Debra Medina or Rick Perry, and she backed Perry. This also spilled over into the Glenn Beck radio show with Debra Medina as a guest and she was not unfriendly to 911. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Glenn Beck believes that 911 Truthers are ideologues that have no place in government. The reason should be self evident. If you really believe that 911 was a government plot, then it is pervasive through your entire world view, leaving no room for any other belief system. In this case, the sole reason Jones has thrown Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin under the bus, is because they are unfriendly to 911 Truth (and recent events has caused him to soften his opinion on Palin). But, when Jones isn't ranting, he's so far above anyone else doing the same thing, no one can touch him.

You know, I can understand Jones demonising Beck for his 911 Truth bashing, but what I don't understand is Jones anger at Beck for "strafing" Debra Medina by showing her to be friendly to the 911 Truthers. Alex, which is it? Is the 911 Truth Movement good thing or bad thing? Is it something your supposed to hide, with a nod and a wink or proudly come out of the closet? But this is the tactic of many 911 Truthers; they are very selective in their world view, and say that anyone who disagrees with them is a traitor. Alex Jones and Glenn Beck surely have more in common than they disagree about. Rather than being a corporate shill, Beck seems to look at the banking system and thinks you can still put the smoke back in the box; oh and he thinks 911 Truthers are nuts. Alex Jones on the other hand sees the banking system as a tool of the New World Order, so trying to save is like trying to make sure your enemies' weapons don't malfunction any more. So yes, they have some mutually exclusive beliefs, but they also tend to balance each other out.

On a recent Alex Jones (2/12) Jason Bermes and another 911 Truther declared a figurative war on Glenn Beck, calling him the figurehead of 911 Liar (I'm not kidding). They actually believe their movement has a level of political influence, that has accomplished, amongst other things, the defeat of Rudy Giuliana in his bid for the 2008 Presidency. Reality of course is entirely different; 911 Truther is the touch of death to any politician. There is no doubt that the Tea Bag Movement is being co-opted; some whacked out lawyer, Judson Phillips actually used the North Carolina Tea Bag Convention to declare the "Tea Bag Nation" as his money making organization and plans on making a million dollars off the Tea Bag movement.

Earlier in this blog I mentioned Gary Allen. Back in the 70's Gray Allen wrote a global (or the global) conspiracy book called, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy"; read this book and you will understand Alex Jones. I also once said that Jones appears to be a clearing house for conspiracy theories. What this means is he mixes real conspiracies with false (or questionable) conspiracies, which can casts doubt on them all; not that that is his intent, it just the result. None Dare Call It Conspiracy, is like the global warming of conspiracies; it's written so anything or everything that happens, proves that it is true. It creates a duality that, either there is a omnipresent bankers conspiracy, or life is just a series of events loosely related to each other. I prefer to live in a world with more choices than that.

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