Sunday, January 3, 2010

Napolitano, David Broder and Dangerous Underwear

David Broders puff piece on Janet Napolitano seems to be another attempt by the liberal media to present the opposite as truth. Never mind that anyone who is paying attention knows, that Ms Napolitano is so far out of here element, that through no fault of her own, she is simply too incompetent to hold her postion as the Secretary of Homeland Security. Practically everything that comes out of her mouth of any substance, has had to be retracted and apologized for. Broders contention that it was proper for Napolitano to say, “the system worked”, flies in face that her boss, President Obama said the “Underwear Bomber” near success was a result of “systematic failure"; to which Napolitano retracted her original statement and admitted, "Our system did not work in this instance." This is the same person who said we should improve security at the Canadian Border to stop more 911 terrorist from sneaking across (they didn't) and that the FBI and local law enforcement needed to keep an eye on returning vets because they were “prone to radicalization”. Interestingly enough, we still don't know if it was Homeland Security or the State Department under Hillary Clinton, that caused the problem. Homeland Security is supposed to be an intermediary between the FBI and the CIA, and to distribute Homeland Security information to prevent a re-occurrence of 911; where the CIA was forbidden to share the information with the FBI about the Saudi Terrorist and friends of Osama Bin Laden, that were taking flying lessons. Later Homeland Security was given oversite of the Transprotation Security Administration. Like many of his choices, Pres Obama appointed Ms Napolitano, not because she has any intelligence experience or even understands the threat of terrorism (a word she refuses to even use, preferring “man-caused disaster”), but for political payback. There is no more important job than the head of Homeland Security, but you have to be able to say there is terrorism, before you can defend the country from terrorist. Homeland Security is not the job for a budding politician on the rise and her continued presence as the Head Secretary is putting your and my homeland in real danger.

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