Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Boston Massacre and Socialism

With the victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, many of the old arguments regarding healthcare and socialism have been coming back, as the American people one again see the prospect of real bi-partisan heathcare reform, less the special deals and bribery that have part and parcel of Obamacare. If there is one question that continues to resonate over and over it's Rodeny King's, “Why can't we all just get along?” Why not indeed. Some of the reasons are as basic as perspective and decisive as the belief the Bourgeoisie continue to hold down the Proletariat and neither are capable of governing themselves. The primary argument though, tends to center around freemarket vs socialism. While the term socialism is still, not well tolerated in arguments in healthcare, they usually try to redefine socialism as any and all government services. First, lets not forget that by definition the government is “We the people”. But, our founding fathers were not so deluded, that they believed that government would always be the people. In fact, they foresaw the “government” becoming the tyrannical entity that it has become today. Our government was designed to work from the bottom up. The power and influence was to be delegated to the individual states and limited central of federal government have only those powers that were delineated in the Constitution, and there was even added a list, or Bill of Rights to further protect the individual from the federal government. There can really be no tyranny without a far reaching federal government , which our founding fathers attempted reel in at every step. There was even an argument that the United States should have no standing army, as a standing army is the most common vehicle used to overthrow a free people. In what is probably the strongest argument for an armed citizenry, James Madison (the primary author of the Constitution) said that he felt the states had nothing to fear from a standing army due to the existence of state militias (an armed citizen army).

The reason I have spent so much time is the tyranny of collectivism (the needs of the masses over the rights of the individuals; socialism, communism, fascism), relies on a strong central government. As I said before, there are those that would argue that local and state services are a form of socialism. This is either intellectual dishonesty or ignorance. Socialism is a system of government, in which a central government controls the means of production and all social services. Compare that to the citizens of a city or county, empowering a police force or paying for a fire department.. These services are paid for by local taxes and are directly accountable to not only a local board of supervisors or city council, but to the average citizen himself. Compare that to a federal bureaucrat, who sits on a board deciding how much your doctor will be paid for services or what services are eligible to a person your age and physical condition. In the first case the citizen dictates the type of police or firefighter they want and are directly accountable to the same citizens. With socialism there is no accountability, because the rights and needs of the individual has been abrogated for the needs of the collective. With socialism there is no room for exceptionalism, as the collective dictates demands that the quality level of service is always lowered, so there is the illusion of equal care; I say illusion, because there is always an elite requiring something better for “expediency” sake.

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