Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Myth of Carbon Credits

I continue to believe there are well meaning folks that continue to believe in global warming, believe that fighting Man Made Climate Change, is about cleaning up the poisons and pollution we are putting into the air. If that were so, I would be in the front lines, fighting for clean air and water. But, that is simply not the case. The history of Man Made Climate Change and it's agenda can be partially traced back to the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) . In 1995, Ben Santer of the IPCC, deleted from the United Nations Working Group I Report, conclusions from IPCC scientists, which stated that humans were not responsible for climate change. This was followed by the Kyoto Global Climate Convention. In Kyoto, a world wide treaty was signed by world leaders including President Bill Clinton. The treaty was a thing of which conspiracy theory's are born. The basis of the treaty was carbon dioxide causes global warming, that industrial countries were responsible and they should pay for the damage they have done. This payment would be done by industrial countries paying for their carbon footprint, or the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. Although, these countries are mandated to lower their carbon footprint by a certain percentage, there is no need for them to actually do so; all they need do is pay more money. In Kyoto. the money was to go to non-industrial, low carbon producing countries, that would sell their so called carbon credits. In Copenhagen that was changed to the money going to the International Monetary Fund or IMF, that is controlled by the UN. Either way the result would be the same; a world regulatory agency, or world "government" in the words of Al Gore, echoing then French President Chirac at Kyoto. Obviously the treaty is a world wide re-distribution of wealth and would eventually cause industry to come to a grinding halt in industrialized countries. In 1997 the US Senate realized what this treaty was and voted it down 99 to 1.

Two of the nastiest air pollutants is S02 (sulphur dioxide) and N02 (nitrogen dioxide). These are the pollutants that sting your eyes, hurt your lungs, causes acid rain and is turning the oceans to acid as Al Gore likes to say. Other greenhouse gases are methane, carbon monoxide and some commonly referred to as soot. Wouldn't it be nice if Al Gore was trying to clean the atmosphere of known poisons such as these, instead of C02. If Al Gore and the Man Made Climate Change crowd gets it's way the US and other developed industrial countries will pay trillions of dollars on carbon credits, but be free to dump as much of this poison in the air as it wants. And as I've said before, it won't even lower the levels of C02. The framework the Man Made Climate Change advocates are putting into place will accomplish one thing, it will take money from industrialized countries and give it to non-industrialized using carbon credits. As long as the industry can pay the carbon credits and still make a profit, they will continue to do so, without reducing their carbon footprint. Further, if carbon credits become too expensive, were industry really starts cutting back on it's carbon footprint, that will mean less money to those selling the carbon credits. This means there will be no inducement to raise the cost of carbon credits to force any real reduction in C02, which supposedly is the point to carbon credits.

Hopefully, at least one person has read this and realized the Man Made Climate Change will not remove one ounce of pollution from the air, and is designed solely so UN bankers can get their cut of the carbon credits, as money is re-distributed through the planet; all the while, real pollution is being ignored. And who is on the forefront of cashing in on these Carbon Credits? Would it surprise you to learn that Al Gore is expected be the first Carbon Credit billionaire from his investments in carbon credit investments banks in Europe; once the US enters the picture that amount should double. Until that time Sec of State Hillary Clinton has pledged $100 billion a year.

But there is hope. In recent events it appears the CRU, for this first time in history, is starting to release it's raw data. The data they first released was collected from Russia. Turns out the CRU cherrypicked Russian climate data and ignored 75% of the data that conflicted with temperatures not raising. So I guess all the nay sayers about Climate-Gate were right, the emails didn't appear to show that the CRU scientists had actually falsified any figures in an attempt to strengthen the case for CO2-driven global warming, they simply ignored any data that was conflicting. And again, the CRU provides all the Global warming information used by the United Nations.

One more interesting fact about Climate Change. It seems all the scientists who have signed on to the Man Made Climate Change bandwagon, have ruled out the sun as having any affect on Global Warming. I know, I making this up; there is no way a scientist would ignore that huge thermo-nuclear ball in the sky that is responsible for +99.99 of the heat on the planet (there are also volcanoes, but lets not even start to discuss their carbon footprint). It seems they have decided that the sun is a constant and has no effect at all on global warming or cooling for that matter. Well, it seems there are some pesky climatologist that have figured out that when the sun has spots, Global temperatures go up and when the spots go away, Global temperatures go down. This might have something to do with the phenomena that global warming on Mars mirrors the global warming on earth. And even without instances of very generous interpretations of Man Made Climate Change, the sun spot theory corresponds with every known period of global cooling and warming, in which data exists. Hmmm, might be something more climatologists might want to look into.

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