Thursday, December 17, 2009

Al Gore and His Anecdotal Science

Okay, let's stop for a moment and look at what Man Made Global Warming is not. Man Made Global Warming is not about stopping the polluting of the earth. If you're like me, you are in favor of reducing pollution. But the proponents of Man Made Global Warming do not care about pollution as we know it, they are concerned that CO2, a colorless, tasteless and harmless gas, somehow raises temperatures when it's percentage increases in the atmosphere. Now Al Gore is famous for saying that increased CO2 results in increased temperatures is a scientific fact; well, not really. It's actually the opposite; science has long known that an increase in temperature results in an increase of C02, not the other way around. This is very important because there are two ways to prove scientific validity. The first is basic Newtonian physics; reduce a theory to it's basic components and try and reproduce your findings. In other words, create an experiment that proves your theory. The fact that increased heat results in increased levels of C02 can be proven by a very simple experiment. The C02 comes from the oceans heating up. As an example, all you need to do is put ocean water in a sealed tank and heat it up; with in a very short time the CO2 levels will increase.

So, if Al Gore is correct, you should be able to prove the opposite, right? Well no, there has never been an experiment that has shown that C02 traps heat. To say that C02 traps heat because Heat increase C02 is called reverse logic and is the worse form of science. It would be the same as saying because heat melts ice, then melting ice must cause heat. To try and prove his reverse logic, Al Gores uses a second and much harder to prove scientific method, called proxy. Proxy science requires you to first prove a phenomena exists and then try and prove what causes it. In other words, rather than observing a phenomena, you simply reason it exists; then you try and reason why it exists. The main problem with proxy science is, it's very difficult to know what other forces play a part in the phenomena your are dealing with. In the first part of this equation,
Al Gore and the scientists paid by the United Nations and the Carbon Credit traders for their analysis, have spent most of their time trying proving that Global Warming exists. Since Global Warming is not immediately observable, the scientist have to develop some method to show it does. This is primarily done through temperature probes (thermometers) placed all over the planet and monitoring Arctic and Antarctic ice flows; and while they say their data proves Global warming is occurring, the recent hacked-emails from the CRU say, it is a "travesty" they can't prove Global Warming. Then, without the distraction of proving the planet's temperature is actually raising, he determines the C02 emitted into the atmosphere by man, to the exclusion of the massive amounts of C02 that is naturally produced, all the other gases in the atmosphere and all natural phenomena (including the sun), is sufficient to cause Man Made Global Warming . Then Al Gore ignores that there is no science that proves C02 does anything other that feed trees; states that C02 traps heat, but refuses to discuss the basis of this reverse logic with anyone; the proxy science becomes anecdotal dogma.

So when you hear Al Gore mis-state science, do what I do and yell out, "Liar!" When Al Gore states that 40% of the Arctic Ice has melted, yell out "Liar"; the 25% of the ice that melted in 2007, has returned this year. And, when Al Gore says all the Polar Bears are dying, yell out, "Liar"; their population has stayed steady at about 20,000- 25,000 for the last 20 years and is believed to be an increase from 1950 population of 5,000. Oh, and by the way, Polar Bears are excellent swimmers and the male has a nasty habit of eating it's young unless stopped by the mother. When science is used for political purposes, it can only become as corrupted as politicians, lets hope Man Made Global Warming goes they way of the conventional wisdom that earth was the center of the universe.

This is in response to Michael Stobbe comment on my Global Warming article published in your paper Dec 20. First I want to compliment Mr Stobbe for responding in such a respectful way, although we may not agree (hard to tell, but I'll get to that in a moment) it is the intelligent exchange of ideas that is missing from the Man Made Climate Change discussion. What Mr Stobbe misunderstood was I was not trying to make a case for increased C02 levels coming primarily from the Ocean; actually I don't believe that at all. What I was saying is it doesn't matter were the C02 is coming from, because, beyond questionable anecdotal science, there is no evidence that C02 traps heat. My little experiments were simply (very simply) designed to demonstrate the difference between experimental and anecdotal science; and the anecdotal science of Man Made Climate Change is horribly flawed. I again state my argument. We know that heat causes atmospheric C02 levels to rise. The entire Man Made Climate Change argument rest on the fallacy that C02 traps heat and causes temperatures to rise. To use one to prove the other is like saying because heat melts ice, then melting ice causes heat. If you believe that than I've got some carbon credits for sale.

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