Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump; A Contrived Puritanical Outrage in a Non-puritanical World.

An article in the Santa Cruz  Sentinel Faith Section was right when it commented how the Trump's man speak is a contrived puritanical outrage in a non-puritanical world. Set the Puritan Outrage Aside — Here Are Ways You can Actually Help Women As usual such a tact trivializes the real horrors that women face in today's world such as  exploitation, drug dependence, human trafficking, leading to sexual slavery (nothing that can remotely be considered consensual). Today's Democrats are acting out to "a couple of crass comments" like "lily-white handkerchief swooners". The fact is some women are attracted to rich, powerful and/or famous men and offer up their sexuality to be part of their lives; talking about it, even in a crass way, does not victimize these women as long as these sexual interactions are  consensual (ie what these women will let you do...) . However this is far and away different from women who, due to poverty, drug abuse,  and/or living in oppressive nations, are forced into human trafficking and sexual slavery. Let's not trivialized the suffering of these women,  in the  name of nothing more than demonizing a political opponent during an election.

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