Friday, November 6, 2015

Politico and the Political Left has Fabricated a Political Assassination Against Ben Carson

Politico and the political left has fabricated a political assassination against Ben Carson. First the Politico says Carson’s campaign had admitted he "fabricated" a "full scholarship" from West Point. When Carson pointed out that there was no such admission, they had to change their heading. All Ben Carson ever said was he met with General Westmorland and was offered a "full scholarship," but decided not to apply. He is equally clear in stating that he chose NOT to do so because he wanted to go to medical school instead. Politico than goes on about there was no record that he applied?? Well of course there was no record he applied because as he said, he didn't apply.  Further Policito pushes the point that Carson never applied to West Point so he never was offered a scholarship even though Carson said he was told he would get a scholarship IF he applied. He is very clear on that point. Still Politico keeps the spin going by claiming there is no record that Ben Carson was offered a full scholarship, ignoring the fact that all candidates generally know going in, that West Point  gives all cadets a full scholarship if they are accepted, as West Point is paid for by American taxpayers (something a 17 YO from Detroit may not have known at the time so it surely would have sounded like an offer of a scholarship); graduates of West Point must serve 5 years of active service as a condition for their free education. Carson never said he applied to West Point; he said he was offered a scholarship (apparently he did not know at the time that no one pays tuition for West Point), but never applied; you will notice that none of the media making the accusation actually shows the statement printed in his book, because the accusations are false.

As someone posted on a blog I follow,  "..if I had a conversation with General Westmoreland and he basically said look..I like you, I've heard good things about you from your SAI (Sergeant at Arms) and you have great grades--if you want to go to the (West Point) I can make that happen...(meaning he would sponsor the appointment; all cadet applicants are sponsored by a political figure or high ranking military officer)--then I would have no issues with someone claiming they had a scholarship opportunity to West Point even if I never applied or took the physical ... Civilians use the wrong terminology all they time when it comes to military stuff. It may be technically incorrect but the substance of the statement is easy enough to understand. Its not emphatically deceptive in any subjective context.  This is akin to saying you were looking into joining the army because they offer to pay for your education, but decided not to go; and someone later accuse you of fabricating the story, saying you are lying because you never applied to join the Army.

The final fabricated issue was, according to Gen Wesmorland's secretary, the meeting with Ben Carson did not happen on Memorial Day 1969 as Ben Carson said, however Westmorland's secretary confirmed Westmoreland was in Detroit 3 months earlier than  Memorial Day 1969 and had a meeting that was exactly as Ben Carson described; is it beyond belief that Ben Carson recalling a meeting 30 years before, might be off on the date by a couple of months. This is nothing more than a racists attempted character assassination by the left that has absolutely no basis..(it's interesting that all this information is contained within the Politico article, but is spun in a way that makes if look like Ben Carson has been

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