Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson; Black Racism Subjugates the Black Community

Those that make a living convincing blacks they are forever subjugated by a racists society, are the very cause of their subjugation. The overriding issue expressed by those of the vocal black community is the system is not doing enough to cater to the frustrated people of color; never mind that catering to a mob is not the job of our criminal justice system. But the frustration is actually caused by the so called activists (or advocates; your choice) that stated from the beginning, that the white police officer Darren Wilson is guilty of killing a black man Michael Brown, who was giving up; and if not he should be tried anyway because he represents past wrongs that the black community has had to endure. It makes no difference that as evidence was released to the public, it was fairly obvious that the original narrative was simply not going to hold up; but by then it really didn't matter. If the black man is not shown to be the victim of a racists officer, then the system is fixed. Further these advocates, intent on their race baiting and keeping the black man feeling forever the victim, continues the narrative that there is no other fair verdict than guilty; or in this case an indictment.

Now there is a call for a federal civil rights investigation and trial; but in order for a for a federal civil rights violation trial, there needs to be a racial component that was ignored in a grand jury or trial; a good example was the Rodney King beating; here race was pervasive with numerous racial epitaphs documented between the officers including their MDT "texting". However there was none in the Trayvon Martin case (even thought NBC perpetrated a fraud by manipulating a 911 tape); and here with the Michael Brown case, while the shooter was a white cop and the victim was a black man, there is no evidence that Martin's race somehow exacerbated the incident, because it clearly didn't.

While you wouldn't know it if you have been listening to the main street media, white racism is only a small percentage of what it was 50 years ago; unfortunately you can't say the same for black racism. The scenario that played out in Ferguson might have well been a scripted reality TV show, and  the scriptwriters are the usual suspects; the black racists, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. 50 years ago some southern Democrats led by LBJ determined to make blacks in the US a Democrat voting block. Their plan was to use the Civil Rights Act to make blacks dependent on government; and hence dependent on the Democrats. They also created the talking point that only the Democrats were "down for the black cause", while any one that argued against this black subjugation were white racists. Today, black racism is so prevalent is almost goes unnoticed. If there is an altercation between a black man and a white man, especially a white police officer, that of course the police officer is guilty of racism; but not necessarily because of the facts of the case, but because of race.Yet this is not viewed as racism, it is viewed as pay back. But this kind of pay back only makes sense where the rule of law does not apply. In this environment, to describe the attack by Michael Brown on Officer Darren Wilson that precipitated the shooting, is to demonize Michael Brown. To suggest that Michael Brown's own actions led to the shooting,  is sacrilege to the black racist world view (much as the killing of a white by a black could have no justification to a white supremest).

In the final analysis, as is usual with most these tragedies, it was Michael Brown that was in charge of how this incident was going to play out; he could have complied with the officers commands or, having multiple chances, he could have run away; but Michael Brown choose not to do either and he all know the result. But Michael Brown is simply a product of his environment. And his environment has been shaped by 50 years of being told that in racist America, they will never be successful. But by somehow putting their faith in race-baiting advocates and Democrats, that their lives will become better; and it never does. When the lack of a finding in the Darren Wilson Grand Jury was announced, there were the expected riots where blacks burned and looted their own community, victimizing themselves and those that ignored the status quo and started businesses. And until blacks decide that they have been feed a lie, that the system usually works and hard work will reap rewards, that they have been giving their vote to those that have done nothing to improve their standard of living, there   little doubt the will continue to reside it what has been called a Democrat run "majority-black suburban plantation".

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