Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hobby Lobby and the Scripted Lies of the Left

Well it's apparent the misinformation and lies were scripted before the Hobby Lobby case was decided. Starting with Sandra Fluke and followed by the main stream press, the line is

Sandra Fluke @SandraFluke

Supreme Court rules that bosses can deny employees coverage of birth control.

The truth is something entirely different so one has to ask as I read on the internet, is Sandra Fluke clueless or lying. I also see that Ms Fluke is running for the California State Senate; well she seems to have past the test of telling a bald face lie to vilify those who's world view differ from her world view.

Here is a typical letter where it reader has to wonder if the writer is a lying or clueless. From the Santa Cruz Sentinel;

Court ruling just lines pockets of corporations
July 4 is "Independence Day". July 11 is "World Population Day". There are over 7 billion people on Earth. Our species is facing drought, extreme weather, ocean acidification and extinctions, because we have over bred. The Hobby Lobby ruling by misogynist judges, on June 30 just annexed all "USDA" fertile female wombs for corporate profits. Stabilizing our human population requires that all females on Earth have access to birth control.
Future generations ought to know what it's like to live on a healthy planet, but at the rate human population is exploding we'll be passing on a dead future. Birth control pills are listing online from $37 to $162 per month if purchased without insurance. The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling just made all fertile female wombs in the USA into a cash register for corporate profits. Rescind Citizen's United now and remove justices Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito from the Supreme Court Bench.
— Connie Troupe, Aptos

and my response, 

Apparently someone has been drinking the Sandra Fluke koolaid. Let see if I can set the record straight; Hobby Lobby never protested paying for women's contraceptives (defined as inhibiting ovulation and fertilization); if Hobby Lobby has always agreed to pay for contraceptive birth control pills, why check the internet for retail prices? What Hobby Lobby didn't want to pay for are 4 out of the 24 FDA approved birth control pills or devices (refereed to as "emergency contraception"; which as I explained is a misnomer) that work by blocking a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus; ie aborting a fertilized egg after contraception. Also, the ruling was so narrow that even if it had blocked the use of all birth control by other "closely held corporations", it would have no real effect on availability of employer paid for birth control; so the apparatus needed to reduce the useless eaters of the world is safe. Hobby Lobby actually won the case based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), championed by the Democrats and signed into law by Clinton in 1993; it was written to allow American Indians to smoke Peyote. There is a simple solution for the pro abortion alarmists and the Hobby Lobby case; all that needs be done is Obama change the law (something he was already done many times already), to allow these handful of closely held corporations to be treated like the non-profits already exempted under the Religious Employer Exemption (REE). In these cases a third-party administrator (TPA) pays for the birth control exempted by non-profit religious organizations.

I am also curious how it came to be that quality healthcare is defined by birth control and any company wanting an exemption is immediately tagged misogynic. It should be noted that over half the adult population of the US define themselves as pro-life, believing that life begins at conception. Rather than being misogynic, the pro-life crowd belief that an optional abortion is no different than the after-birth abortions championed by medical ethicist and population alarmists. The real issue here seems to be left's refusal to acknowledge that those that take a pro-life stand believe in every fiber of their being that an abortion is killing a fully alive baby. Instead, it has been my observations that when the left plays the racist or misogynic card, it's the sound of someone with nothing intelligent to say on the subject..

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