Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benghazi; Obama's Iran Contra

The issues about what happened in Benghazi appear to be somewhat complicated, but it still boils down to Hillary Clinton and the cover up. Benghazi appears to be a page stolen from the Reagan Administration and Iran Contra. While Reagan funded Nicaraguan rebels with arms sales to Iran, the Obama Administration was stockpiling weapons in the Benghazi consultant annex, left over from overthrowing the government of Libya and smuggling them into Syria to arm and train anti-Assad forces, many with ties to al Qaeda; all contrary to promises the President made to Congress and the American people. The reason responding forces where told to stand down was because this was a secret operation that needed to stay that way and the Ambassador Christopher Stevens(who was certainly involved if not leading the operation Slain US Ambassador Recruited Jihadists . was to be collateral damage. The big problem now is the cover-up, which like Watergate involves all the lies told by Obama and Secretary Clinton. He have to be able to trust our elected officials or we no longer have a representative government; that's why past Presidential crisis and Benghazi are important (and why, Secretary Clinton, it still matters why the attack happened and why Americans died in Benghazi).

First we now have evidence that some 35 CIA operatives were using the annex near the Benghazi consulate, working on a project to supply missiles from Libyan armories to Syrian rebels; an operation that  Ambassador Chris Stevens was spear heading . CIA Running Arms In Benghazi The attack was from a local militia group and Islamic extremist group in Libya, Ahmed Abu Khattala; that apparently wanted the missiles for themselves. Benghazi Attack Then as credible intelligence information started to emerge that a terrorist attack was likely, the FBI released the anti-Muslim video* in Egypt, in the event they needed a cover story for an attack on the embassy.

 As some of these details started to emerge, the CIA initiated a full court press,  subjecting Agency employees, involved or having knowledge of the operation monthly polygraph tests, among other measures that many have claimed has put a chill on any of the agents willing to testify in any of the Congressional investigations. Dozens fo CIA Operatives on Ground in Benghazi If this information becomes main stream, it could be devastating to the Obama Administration. First and foremost Obama was facing re-election and had based his foreign policy success on end of al Qaeda resulting from the American Special Forces taking out Osama Bin Laden; an obsurb premise by any measure. It also would have showed how that President Obama lied (again) and did an end around Congress and the Constitution as he would have  been arming Syrian rebels, many with ties to al Qaeda, contrary to promises made to congress and the American people. Further, and possibly the most important, it would have been a death knell for Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton's President hopes in 2016, as the entire operation would have the very least needed here approval as it involved a US embassy and Ambassador Chris Stevens. This is also a fight (in Syria) were the US has no dog, but Saudi Arabia does. It should be noted that President Obama's failure to oust the President Assad from Syria has resulted in serious diplomatic rift between the US and Saudi Arabia.

*There is ample evidence that Mark Youssef, the maker of the infamous Benghazi video was release from Federal Prison in 2010, after serving 6 month of a 21 month sentence to make the video for the FBI. The movie had only one showing, in a ridiculous plan to smoke out al Qaeda. The FBI then retained the film as an asset (sometimes called a honey pot) that could be used at a later date. Anti-Islam Film Producer on Federal Probation. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

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