Monday, March 10, 2014

The Democrats Triple down on Man Made Global Warming

March in Santa Cruz appears to be the evangelizing  Man Made Global Warming (MMGW) month. Just in our little town there has been a UCSC Climate Conference and  three letters in the Sentinel; plus in Washington DC a Talkathon planned by Democrats (thank you Barbara Boxer; is it any wonder that the electorate doesn't care about Global Warming, but the Democrats are shoving it down the electorates' throats rather than tackling real problems like unemployment and the national debt, or try and fix our healthcare system that ObamaCare has destroyed) and it's only the 9th!. But the electorate  has  woken up to some facts that cast doubt on this government funded dogma ;there has been no global warming in the last 17 years, which also discredits every computer model offered up by the UN.

You also have the inconvenient untruth of Al Gore's predictions, that by 2013 the polar waters would be free of ice;  nope, the ice still there and actually grew by 60% from the previous year  (I would say that it is a record amount but the Arctic ice has only been documented since 1979, so who knows if it's much of a record or not). When Gore gives his MMGW presentations he continually showed graphs that reversed the known phenomenon that when the oceans are warmed they release C02; instead his graphs shows C02 levels warming the oceans. He used to shrug it off saying is was a typo, but this typo continued to show up and now he will not debate any of his scientific rhetoric.  There is also the fact that the research papers that supported Michael Mann's hockey stick graph (which fueled the recent MMGW doomsday-sayers) seems to have disappeared (lost somewhere in my office says Mann), which is really okay, because his hockey stick graph has been completely discredited (even by Mann himself), even though he still says the science is good.

The MMGW also love to use climate and weather interchangeably, or invent new terms and theories to explain the failure of their computer models, as long as it's in their favor. Hot weather in the 90's proved global warming, cooling weather in the 2000-2014 proves Climate Change. The last glacial period was about 10-12000 years ago, so it's quite evident that the climate has gotten warmer; but the nature of the climate covers 10,000's of years, not hot or cold periods of weather that have occurred or a few hundred years. 2013 had the lowest instance of Atlantic hurricanes sine 1982, 2013 also shattered the record for fewest US tornadoes and forest fire activity plummeted to 1987 levels. There is also the 2013-2014 record cold wave that effected Canada and the Northern US (Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic coast).  Current computers say that MMGW will cause climate change, that will increase the amount of rain in California, which of course is in the middle of a drought (but that didn't stop President Obama from blaming the drought on MMGW). The drought and rain patterns for California are likely the result of repeating weather patterns refereed to as El Niño and El Niña. The current condition, El Niño historically causes higher temperatures and drought conditions, the colder and rainy weather is the result of El Niño. These two weather patterns have repeated and have been observed over time, so scientists can reasonably predict their appearance and effects on the weather.    

One of the most  the often false claim is that there is overwhelming evidence that MMGW exists. The truth is there is no evidence at all that MMGW exists; all there are is observations based on an unknown norm and computer models that churn out inaccurate predictions.The claim that C02 retains heat is the basis for MMGW is the result of the worse of proxy science; if MMGW exists then C02 is the only viable element that could account for it; in other words you first need the predisposition that there is MMGW and then claim it's the result of C02 levels. But even that isn't working out for the zealots. The levels of C02 have been increasing considerably since the beginning of the new millennium, but temperatures  have remained flat; so where is the heat that should be caused by all this C02? Well the zealots now say it's hiding somewhere in the oceans; they don't know exactly where, but they know it's there because the whole belief system of MMGW depends on it. But we are assured that the science of MMGW is settled, which makes MMGW the only settled science known to man.

What's obvious is, the planet be damned, the Democrats and other oppressive regimes have an end game of carbon taxes and control over the actions of all humanity.  Global Warming has simply morphed into a state sponsored religion with cult leaders that demand you, ignore the doubters, pay your carbon taxes or there will be another great flood.

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