Monday, September 2, 2013

My Enemy's Enemy and the Syrian Rebels' False Flag

There is an Islam saying, "My enemy's enemy is my friend". It appears the President Obama has taken this to the extreme as while Americans are dying at the hands of al Qaeda in Afghanistan he is now singing their praises in Syria, desiring to ally the US with these terrorists in the name of human decency, while al Qaeda  allied terrorists continue to murder rape and torture in Syria. In other world al Qaeda is our friend because they are enemies with the Assad Regime, but the enemy in Afghanistan that destroyed the Twin Towers and murdered over 2700 American Citizens on 9/11/2001; I guess we're going to need a score card. *Now the claim is that Syria has completely ignored their own self interest and used chemical weapons on it's own people (the last time chemical weapons were used in Syria it was aimed at Syrian soldiers and the UN investigation blamed the rebels). This time again there is a great deal of suppressed evidence, including al Qaeda  jihadists publicly claiming  responsibility and our President is alone in the world wanting to punish Syria for a crime they have yet to make a case beyond a reasonable doubt.

In May 2013 Secretary of State John Kerry used the same argument that only the Assad's Regime had the ability to maintain and disperse sarin gas. However a short time later Syran Rebels were arrested at the Syrian border with 2 kg of sarin gas Russia Asks Turkey for Info on Sarin Terrorist. This of course destroyed Kerry's talking points so it was simply ignored by the main stream press in the US. Further the the results of the UN investigation of the gas attack in May resulted in the UN declaring an almost surety that the gas attack was done by the rebels, not the Assad regime. Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Carried Out by Rebels says UN. There is also the fact that the Syrian Rebels have had access to the Syrian Regime's chemical weapons since they temporary took control of the Syrian Sheikh Suleiman military base in December 2010, The Sheikh Suleiman base is thought to have been a key node in the Syrian military's chemical weapons program.
Syrian Government Accuses Rebels of Launching Chemical Attack These ongoing scenarios are so embarrassing that they have made the US and President Obama the laughing stock of the world and destroyed whatever credibility and respect remained since Obama took office. The real question in my mind is why Syria? What is so important about taking sides in the proxy war that originally started as the Syrian civil war. Is Obama going Down the Same Path as G.Bush and WMDs?
Regardless of the facts of who is using the sarin gas, we clearly have a proxy war building in Syria, with the US (representing Saudi Arabia), al-Queda and the Sunnis on one side and Russia, Assad, Hezbollah, and  the Shiites on the other. The inclusion now of Hezbollah in this Syrian  proxy war is quickly disintegrating into Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflict that could easily spread though out the middle east.  Further there is no way one could guarantee that the weapons the US will be feeding the non al-Queda rebels will not end up in the arms of al-Queda.

The answer appears to be as simple as the Obama legacy.  However the legacy may not be what Obama wants. President Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy  (History will see) the overthrowing (or attempt) of the sovereign states of Egypt, Libya and now Syria and handing the coutries over the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood. As in Iraq, the removal of a strong man/ dictator has resulted in sectarian violence and civil war. While the Presidential rhetoric has always been the need for Democracy in these countries, the reality is the citizenry in these Arab states are simply ignorant when it comes to the responsibilities of a Democracy and the end result always turns to Islam and Sharia law. One has to wonder why the President of the United States, the Land of Liberty is so apologetic towards Eastern Islam (ie the Muslim Brotherhood), which is violently misogynist, vehemently anti-gay and anti-education and overtly anti-democratic; as the saying goes, an Arab democracy means 1 man, one vote, 1 time.

*Update; there is now a video showing what is described as the Syrian rebels launching a chemical weapon in the August chemical gas attack. Video shows rebels Launching Gas Attack. There has also been another credible investigation that Syrian al Qaede launched the gas attack Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?

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