Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Islam; a Religion of Misogamy and Fascism

The elephant in the room with Eastern Islam and Sharia law is the misogamy that purveys the society; where else in the world does a female rape victim have to first overcome the presumption that the rape was her fault; where rape is a form of punishment carried out by holy clerics? Or women caught unaccompanied in public are either considered a prostitute and raped on the spot or detained by the police and subjected to an inspection to show they are still a virgin? There is also the existence of honor killings, where the man of the house is free to kill the women of the house if one (or more) dishonors him by not bowing to any of his demands.   Those that pretend to talk for the Muslim world say this is a radical form of Islam and practiced by only a small minority of Muslims. The reality is something quite different; in all middle eastern countries were  Islam is pervasive, Sharia it is law of the land. Even if a Muslim is not a member of a "radical" Islam they are afraid to speak out against it. It is also well known that the Muslim Brotherhood gives one message of acceptance to the western world, but tells the Eastern Islamic world of the need destroy the West and replace it with Sharia law. The end result of this is the increase of Sharia law and  the rise misogamy in Western Islam.

In the United States our constitution guarantees freedom of religion and in some cases the rule of law is relaxed to accommodate religious practices. But nowhere should a religious standard of laws (Sharia) ever replace the protections of our Constitution. The United States should not use it's position in the world to physically  intervene in the workings or overthrow the leadership another sovereign nation. But that does not mean we can not voice our displeasure with these archaic laws and withhold financial support until women's rights are strictly enforced and  government sponsored  misogamy is no longer tolerated.The fact President Obama continues to court and excuse this horrid treatment of women by Muslim countries is a travesty of human rights.

Mom! Where Is My Democracy?

 It should have been no surprise that the new Islamic regime in Egypt would crumble. More than any country in the world the Egyptian people are intent on a Democracy (over 1/4 of the adult population went to the streets to demand the ouster of Morsi) but unfortunately they don't understand how to set one up. For a Democracy to work  the people must have individual rights protected by an unimpeachable constitution that limits the power of the government. What occurred in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood, was more like a fascists plebiscite as they have in Venezuela;  where the people vote to re-confirm or replace their dictator. The Egyptian people are very religious (nearly 90% are Islamic Sunni) and while they favor Sharia law, they must have a rule of law that supercedes their religious beliefs. Further, the Egyptian people have rationalized pervasive misogamy using Sharia law such that  hundreds of women are being raped and/or beaten simply for participating in the Tahrir Square Demonstrations (and as mentioned before women who complain must first prove it wasn't their own doing). Oliver Ellisworth one of our Founding fathers said " The primary objects of government are peace, order, and prosperity of society. To the promotion of these objects, good morals are essential. Institutions for the promotion of good morals are therefore objects of legislative provision and support." Until the Egyptian people mature to the point that they no longer fear women and the power they hold over men they will never have the Democracy they crave.

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