Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Obama's Greatest Political Blunder; Being Truthful About His Agenda

For the first time President Obama, in campaigning for the NSA's  communications monitoring programs, he is not only attaching himself to a policy, but to the end results as well;  this has resulted in his popularity falling  9% in one month and 17% with the under 30 voters that expected their emails and facebook would be private from the government. Even some media voices such as Gloria Borger from CNN, says the President needs to lead the conversation on the NSA, while also separating himself from these unpopular government policies.  “He (President Obama) didn’t expect to have these problems on his hands,” Borger added. “I mean, who would have thought that the constitutional scholar, the man who came in against the war, would have to be dealing with the question of arming the rebels in Syria, drones, NSA surveillance, leaks, and all these kinds of issues". The problem with this is all of these issues are of the President's own making; while promising one thing he is delivering another and with the NSA scandal he has dropped his populist rhetoric completely and is leading the conversation contrary to the will of even his past followers. Borger explains this with her comment "I think they're (voters) starting to link the president and their lack of trust in him to the government." So instead of viewing the President independently campaigning from the outside, voters are beginning to realize that the President is actually part of the government they don't trust.

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