Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Democrats; resistance is futile; you will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated. One of the most interesting invading aliens in Star Trek The New Generation, was the Borg. The Borg would scour the Universe in a cubic spaceship the size of a planet.. The Borg does not want to destroy or kill you (however they will do either if sufficiently provoked), they want to assimilate simbient lifeforms and technology so the Borg will continue grow bigger and stronger. It is the ultimate in non-waste and  re-purposing, assimilating man and machine, combining them for particular needs and purposes and utilizing individual knowledge into a single consciousness. The inspiration for the Borg is collectivism (as a matter of fact they are also referred to as the Borg Collective); collectivism is the belief that collective needs should always override individual rights (in fact the two are mutually exclusive). The reason for this is simple; it's the belief that the welfare of the collective as a whole is more important the the welfare of any individual; the belief is the resulting society will be safer and more fair; sadly it's usually the opposite.

A Borg Drone

The drones the make up the Borg have no rights to speak of, but their needs are taken care of (as with collectivism the citizenry has no rights). With the Borg, the drones are all equal, have a job, food the eat, a place to call home and medical care if necessary. The needs of the drones are determined by the Borg and in a collective society the needs are determined by what the state thinks most people need most of the time; nothing else. Further all needs are mean tested. Socialized Medicine is an excellent example. With Socialized Medicine (or the coming Obamacare), medical costs are lowered by reducing doctor compensation and medical care is rationed (during it's implementation the facilitators lie a lot). Of the $2.6 trillion spent annually on medical care, almost a third is spent on those 69 or older. As a collective issue it makes no sense; those resources are better redistributed for other needs. In Britain medical care is means tested; a year of a persons life is worth about $40,000 to extend; so if a $100,000 operation will only extend an elderly persons life 2 years, than it would be denied. Something I'm sure would work into the Borg collective consciousness quite well.

 The unfortunate end game with collectivism has always been genocide, because in real life the only collective consciousness is the historical struggle by humanity as a whole  to be free; it's simply human nature to pursue individual rights and freedom often to the death; it's in our our DNA. . 

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