Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Democratically Skewed Polls

This blog is a continuation of a previous blog of mine  Lies, Damn Lies and Opinion Polls

A recent article at the examiner.com , shows how CNN skewed their most recent poll the show President Obama 53% to Romney 46%. Lets start out with some facts. The way likely voters stack up is approximately 35.4% Democrat, 34% Republican, 35.4% Unaffiliated. So what was the break down of the CNN poll? 50.4 Democrat, 45.4 Republican and 4.2 unaffiliated (no that not a typo, 4.2%!). If the under-sampling and over-sampling are accounted for, suddenly the numbers are reversed; Romney 53% to Obama 46%.

 In another poll by washingtonpost.com resulted in register voters for Obama 55%/ Romney 40%; likely voters was closer with Obama 49%/ Romney 48%. But when one looks at the skewed sampling it once again shows a Democrat bias; 33% Democrat/ 23% Republican/ 37% unaffiliated. Once again the Republicans are under-sampled leaving results similar to the CNN poll after the skewing was accounted for.

The reason for these skewed polls is the belief by the liberal media that unaffiliated voters will vote for whom ever the polls show is going to win. It is a patronizing concept that has failed every time it is tried; but like socialism, the left is tied to failed belief systems and always thinking that if they can manipulate the citizenry to go in a direction they really don't want to go, they'll get it right next time.

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